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    Hi, I have a 2005 1860 G3 which I am wanting to modify. I really want to move my console forward and do away with my bait tank, but would like some opinions before I try to crack into something like this.

    1. Do you think I will have enough cable in my boat to move the console up that far? If not, how hard is it to get more connected would I just have to get new cable for steering and electrical stuff?

    2. Doing away with the bait tank........it drains straight out the bottom, how hard would it be to permanently plug up that hole....still want to use existing pump for my custom maid bait tank to take it s place.

    I am wanting to do this because I would like to add 2 captains chairs that can swivel 180 degrees to make fishing out of the back of the boat alot easier.

    Thanks for the input.

    I have this posted in the boat modification section, just thought maybe some local guys who have some experience in boat modification might be able to give some first hand knowledge....and maybe even a little help.

    Thanks, CHad

    oh this isnt gonna happen until winter or spring, just wanted to have enough planning time.
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    CHAD as far as the cables go i think u will need to buy new ones steering anyway ,guessing other control cables also ,they r normaly correct distance as set up by factory


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    Chad I did this exact thing this winter in my boat. I'm happy I did too! I have a SeaArk 2072 RiverCat

    I moved my console forward almost 2 1/2 feet, yes I had to get a new steering cable but virtually everything else was long enough to go with no problems. I too have the bait well on the console, but I left it connected, just got longer hoses. (for resale value purposes) In my bait well I can stop water flowing to it so that's all I did, now it makes a great storage container!

    Just prepare to have to replace some wiring harnesses, cables (steering and throttle) and some hoses and it won't be much as far as labor is concerned. If'n you have to replace cables and the lot (pretty sure your steering cable will have to be replaced) cost won't be much either.