Wanted: Technology to save my marriage.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by postbeetle, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. postbeetle

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    Mornin', don't know whether this will be surreptitiously placed in another pigeon hole but will start here and see where it goes. Maybe Tops thread will get this.

    Are ya married? Have you been married? If you are thinking of getting married, don't. Now I am in those first two categories, will not be in that last category again. Now don't get me totally wrong here. I am married to a wonderful woman, couldn't find anything better, even if I barhopped at an exclusive dive for a coupla days. Anybody that can put up with me longer than a week is somebody special.

    Now here is my problemo. My Missus has gotten a wild hair to go to Asheville N.C. this spring with her sister to see the Biltmore estate. Yeeha, a chance to get away from each other for longer that a typical one day fight. But there is a second problem. Sending these two down the road is like sending Frick and Frack to the crick to get a bucket of boiling water for the potatos. And sure as Okra grows in Alabama they are going to get lost. That may not be so bad but I do love this woman and I might want to see her again.

    She discussed with me the thought of getting one of these contraptions that tells ya where you are at any given moment in time and where you should be at the next moment in time. When I was growing up in yesteryear that was called a map. They have gotten rid of those things now, technology ya know, and now they use GPS or PGS or PMS. Something like that.

    Do any of you Sherlocks out there have a simple suggestion on just what we should look for, something that I can afford with my disability check and one that is sure to get her back to my waiting arms? That is unless she finds some hunk in N.C.

    Oh by the way, suggest one that gets her back and not her sister.

    Thanks, John.
  2. oh no

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    Go to Walmart and get her that Rand McNalley map book. It will take her longer to get there and come back,,,, because of the reading factor.

    You might ,,, if you are nice,,, get her a magnifying glass also, as some of that print is small.

    Map book ----- 15 dollars

    Magnifying Glass -----10 dollars

    2 weeks rest because they got lost------ Priceless


    DANZIG New Member

    West Virginia
    I don't know much about the "tom toms" and such but once I explained mile markers, and how exits are numbered, it seemed to help my wife.
  4. Netmanjack

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    Call the Asheville N.C. Police Dept. and rent an ankle bracelet. Have them send it to you and tell the wife it's a early Valentines gift, black is in this year. She may not know her way home, but a least you will know where she is.:0a26:
  5. dinger66

    dinger66 New Member

    north alabama
    a verizion phone with navigation
  6. willcat

    willcat New Member

    PB, I got a garmin nuvi 680 here at work, it works great whenever she decides to use it, you can even use it as a phone book instead of calling information, mine has all the local dealers(ford)listed from the closest to wherever you are, but lists everything like food (all kinds)gas stations, anything you wanna know basically...you just put in the name or address of the place in what city & state and it will get you right to the door, then set your home address, when you get to where you are going and wanna coe back( if she decides to that is)just hit the home button and it will bring her back...of course my wife just calls me, it's easier...:eek:oooh:
    forgot, when you are driving it shows little icons on the screen, like gas, atm and what not, just hit the icon & it will give you the phone# and address to that particular place...
  7. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    Don't be a tight ass! Break a few of those Mason jars full of $100 bills and buy her a nice new ride with built in GPS.

    Failing that the Tom Tom seems to work great for my daughter who could get lost going to the bathroom!
  8. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    lol :smile2:
  9. olefin

    olefin New Member

    PB, you should be proud she's wanting to go with her sister instead of another man. :smile2:

    Hey, better than a GPS, go with her. I think you'd like it. We went last spring and loved it. We plan to go back sometime. We stayed on the Estate, pricey but nice.

    I ordered our Avalanche with navagation, it has spoiled us. But know what, it shows the country roads at our farm but can't navigate them.
  10. rythymroach

    rythymroach New Member

    United States
    go to yahoo click on maps type in address she's leaving and city, state and address she's going to it will give you an exact street by street from your driveway to the destinations driveway with easy to read directions.

    it's simple might even help them find a creek full of boiling water:eek:oooh:

    one more thing when's she leaving and what time is the party at your house after she goes?:wink:
  11. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    Get a GPS PB (the Garmin nuvi 200 or something) cost about $150 or so. The map quests are OK but if the road is closed or they make a wrong turn the GPS will tell them and will show them how to get back to the road they want.
  12. ncfowler

    ncfowler Well-Known Member

    There are many nav units now and the price has droped, tom tom being the most used and has many features, rad shack has one form navtroics for around a c-note, I got one for my wife and it has helped us out of some messes while on vacation, but you got to watch make shure the one you get has online updates or else you will be driving off a bridge that is being rebuilt, or down a road that ends someplace you don't want to be, as far as her friend, does she look good ?
  13. centexcop

    centexcop Well-Known Member

    Just make sure that you tell her when the thing says to turn left to make sure that there is a place to turn left...lol I do agree though, i've got a garmin nuvi too and they're great. I don't need it that much, but it does come in handy if i'm driving somewhere that I'm not too familiar with. Like said above, it has the neat feature of getting you back on the road. If she sees an antiques shop and pulls off the road to check it out and then goes down to a birdbath shop from there and then can't remember where the road is..... The unit will adjust and tell her where to go to get back on the right road from wherever she is.
  14. olefin

    olefin New Member

    PB, I failed to mention before we got our last Avalanche, I used a GPS like this with my laptop computer. It came with a DVD that has the software and a GPS antenna that plugged into the USB port. I think I gave $65 for it.

    The great thing.... it uses the 15 inch laptop screen. Not like looking at one of those little portable mickey mouse screens. Also it had more options than a regular GPS. Only dislike, I had to set my laptop on the dash.
  15. BIG_D

    BIG_D New Member

    Batchtown IL.
    shes going to my old stomping grounds lol i lived 20 min from thear born and raised thear i think she will like it
  16. catoon

    catoon Board Clown!

    doont give them a map maybe they will get lost and want come back lol lmao...just joking what about there cell phone
  17. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    I got a GArmin GPS with the Map Source software, it will plan a route, but Yahoo will do that. It don't help much like a tom tom would.
  18. bigzurn08

    bigzurn08 New Member

    I have a tom tom and its actually pretty neat. My Grandparents like to use it you can use the touch screen to type in an adress and it gives you real time directions
  19. Dano

    Dano New Member

    My resume for employment.
    I'm not a technical person so Techonogly isn't something I can advise about and I dont use much. Besides , I prefer to keep my eyes on road than on a screen.
    I can drive anything on wheels and fix it too and bring it back in once piece. Anytime I'm on the road, I dont spend the extra money on tipping those cars with red lights on top, who drive around asking for donations. That helps me make good traveling time without the frequent stopping.
    I know how to read a map but usually dont need one with my good sense of direction, I never get lost. A few times have been distracted by the scenery which has taken me off course only to check things out, not lost. I know how to make passengers feel at ease when they think I'm lost., when I'm not. I pull over at a gas station go inside like I'm asking for directions when I'm really buying beer to distract me from back seat drivers.
    The beer is for them not me. It seems to ease the deer in head lights look on their face when I end up on dirt roads taking short cuts.
    I always seem to get from point A to point B and back to point A in a safe timely manner. I haven't lost a vehicle or a passenger yet.
    I aint real cheap but I do follow orders . Your valuables and love ones will be returned safe and in one piece.
    Best i can do on the sister part. For a nice tip, I mean a good one too, I can drive off when the sister goes to the restroom at the road side park and call a cab for her at same time . I will need more beer for me when trip is over.
    Naa, I cant do that to sister in Law, on return trip, I will drop sister off at her house before arriving at yours.

    Hire me to drive them. Problem solved. Besides, I could use the extra cash.
  20. Fishmaster1203

    Fishmaster1203 New Member

    Buy her a new Avalanche with the latest GPS, then drive them there and stay at the estate. Ya'll will love it! :wink:

    No, I'm not married. LOL