Wanted: advice from the sonar experts!

Discussion in 'Fish Finder Review and Study' started by dinkbuster1, Feb 4, 2007.

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    right now i am using a "cheapy" Eagle cuda 168 on my boat. http://www.eaglegps.com/Products/Sonar/Cuda168.htm . i mostly fish the Great Miami river in Ohio so i figured i didnt need anything special to do the job, but i have been reading and hearing comments on the cheaper models saying they arent very good at marking fish near the bottom. is this true? i rarely ever use my sonar to locate fish, rather i use it to see drops, snags, and locating the main channel, but it would be nice to see the fish i have been missing if that has been the case. was looking at this one at Gander Mountain yesterday... http://www.eaglegps.com/Products/Sonar/FishMark320.htm it seemed a really good deal for $149 but i would like to hear from the "experts" before i go buying a depthfinder i may not need.
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    The Eagle Fish mark 320 is a great start out fish finder, I used one and it did very well for me caught lots of fish off of it. as you go save your money up and get up into the 4000 watt: range. it will be well worth it in the long run. but no that is a good deal and a nice fish finder that your looking at. Good Luck.

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    DH you failed to mention that both of those depth finders had special transducers.(Pink). If you are going to be the expert then tell the whole story.:haha: :haha: :shame: :0a20:
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    Think I'd save my money until I could afford something with more power.

    I started out with the FishElite 480 and it was good enough to get by on, but when I upgraded to a Lowrance LCX-25C, the difference made the old unit looked like a dimestore toy...

    As far as I'm concerned, good electronics is one of the best investments you can make to help your fishing success. I'd rather have an old beater of a boat with a top-of-the-line sonar on it than a $50k Lund with a low-end sonar...
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    T once again a perfect analogy.Its the same as; I would rather have a 1000$ pair of binoculars and a 100$ rifle used by hunters which I fully support.In the end 'SEEING" is a lot more important whether its game or fish.Save your money and move up if seeing the fish is important to you.How will you know they are catfish?:smile2: If you are using it to key on good structure that past experience has shown you to hold fish,then what you have will suffice.If you are going to make a move,then make a dramatic move upwards in capabilty which as life would have it means in cost also.:sad2:
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    VERY well said and I completely concur!

    We really should stop with the "fishfinder" BS and call it what it is, as you have done, SONAR!

    No matter what unit one has it is pretty much useless until the user has invested the time necessary to learn how to intrepret what the unit is showing you. That process NEVER is never ending.

    The more time you spend using the thing the more proficient you will become.