Want to start a new team for next year?

Discussion in 'LOCAL GEORGIA TALK' started by Roll Tide Roll, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Roll Tide Roll

    Roll Tide Roll New Member

    I am proposing that we folks in the northwest Georgia area start a team for the 2008 fish off. anyone interested?

    I will admit I am stuck on land as I do not own a boat, but if anyone is willing to help me in getting off the shore and into some really big cats, I would be happy to help provide for gas, food (the misses is an excellent cook), and beverages.

    I would like to get a NW GA team going and see if we can't win something here, since it appears the coosa hold a good number of catfish, and those of some size too.
  2. Georgiaboy

    Georgiaboy New Member

    I would love to join the team i really would. One thing to it though. My dad probably wouldnt be all for it HOWEVER northwest Georgia is my home as of now so i would like to be let in some other details. Sounds like a great idea

    One other thing though, no boat for me either...

  3. Eithne

    Eithne New Member

    Everyone is welcome to join the BOC Fish Offs and they are not limited to members with boats. However, the teams in the BOC Fish Offs are selected by the staff and are designed so that teams aren't grouped in one geographic area. Here is the section on team makeup directly from the Summer & Fall Fish Off Rules:

    While some rules change from contest to contest, most of the requirements remain the same. You can check out the rules for the current Fish Off by clicking here. Thanks, guys.