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Want to really learn your fishfinder?

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If you realy want to learn your fishfinder,and be able to relate to what you see on it.Find yourself a quarry,or sand or clay pit,with clear water.The more uneven the bottom,The more obstructions,and the more fish,the better.Best times are the middle part of the day and still water.You can look down and relate to everything that you see on your sonar.You can see with your eyes,what & how your sonar is recording what you see.This is the time to play with,learn and adjust your unit.I learned,not only to see panfish beds,but the fish,when they were on the beds.When you get to the waters that you fish,you will be able to relate to what you see.It is time well spent,and a cold,still winter day,when the fish are not biting,is ideal.I qualified on sonar,on two navy nuke submarines.I have owned depth finders for over 25 years.I have learned more about each unit,this way,than any other way.I am still learning,and still asking for any and all advice.This still works for you bank fisherman,with the new sonar,that has the transducers that you can cast.I have one with two different transducers made to work on 1 unit.You see what is in the water,and you see what the units screen is telling you,about what you are looking at.
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Thank you PEEWEE

This is VERY useful information.
Excellent advice Peewee, what is the old adage, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'?
Thanks a lot for a great tip!
I'm going to give that a go this winter!
Pee Wee,

Why not post this in this section?

Very useful info and it will be safeguarded if it's in there. Great post!!
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