Wanna make your hogs more predictable?

Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by jlingle, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Here's a good way to make hogs a little more predictable. All of us who hunt hogs struggle with several things: where are the hogs feeding, where do they hang out during the day, and what time are they moving? Well, here's a good way to get them to come to one place to eat, and keep them coming back for at least a few days. This eliminates one part of the equation.

    Find a likely place to kill hogs, and you're going to set your bait up in an area that is predominantly upwind of where you'll be hiding.

    What we like to do is this: we soak some corn in a 5 gallon bucket with either raspberry jello mix, or a 2 liter of the red tornado drink from Wal Mart. Take your mixture into the woods with you, and take along some post-hole diggers. Next, dig about a 3 or 4 foot post hole, and pour in your sweet smelling corn concoction. If you can make several holes in the same general area, the better. The idea is to make the corn difficult for the hogs to take all at once. That's the reason for the holes. The hogs will have to root it out a little at a time. If you just spread corn on the ground, then they'll snort it all up on the first pass.

    Trust me, this works. In 3-4 days, it will look like several grenades have gone off in the area, because the hogs will be coming back trying to root up all that sweet smelling corn. Try it! It works.

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    I've heard this same recipe used with only one variation. The other fella I heard this from used molasses. In any case, I can't wait to try this one out.;)

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    do you guys use dogs to hunt hogs
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    I tried something similar, but digging holes in these Ozark rocks can be a bit time consuming. We start by spreading the mixture thinnly in several areas and begin to concentrate on the most used area. Then we place the mix in a bucket and hang it from a tree similar to putting out some deer lures. Then we work the dogs down wind from where the bait is, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DISTANCE because hogs can smell the mix from a considerable distance, we were suprised by a huge sow recently that was taveling straight to the bait..fortunately she was quartering to us and didn't see or smell us, we just followed her almost straight to the bucket. She's still alive because she appeared to be carrying at least a dozen piglets, (""fryers,"" by the 4 of July if I don't miss my guess.) If you can't smell them the dogs will.

    Always expect the one you don't see.