WALSH!!!!!!! I got you "Covered".............

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    WALSH!!!!! I got you "Covered", but the cookies were no good.

    Joey, have just received your "cover" in the mail. Finally got here. If your outfit is a slow as the USPS, you guys would just be getting to WWII for God's sake.

    Want to thank ya Joe. Mean that, can't do anything for ya just yet but that "cover" means a lot to me.

    Joe, in a post long ago you mentioned you were about 6'4" and 265 lbs of muscled machine. I figured that cover would hang below my knees when I put it on. Joe, that cover shrank during its journey in the mail. Fits like a glove and I love it. There is one problemo though. The cookies you baked me and sent along were stale because of the length of time in the mail. Had to give them to the chickens.

    For those who opened this post it is in response to a post I had awhile back about hats and caps. Got some nice hats and caps in the mail. R-Yang, Phil Washburn. This "cover" came from a member known as SSgtFishslayer. AKA Joey. I call him Joe for short. He looks like a regular "Joe". Joe and I have interacted a little on the forum. I like the guy. He has one of the cutest wife's I have ever seen. And she is half Italian and can cook like a champ. Joe sent me his Marine "cover" from Afghanistan. He is active in combat duty as I speak. Still got the sweat on it. Unless it has cooties I ain't washing it Joe.

    Think about ya often Joe and your buddies. Just my nature. I ain't a praying man Joe, but my thoughts are with ya and come home safe.

    As BG would say THANX!!!!

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    John I would have sent you my dress blues also (with the 13 buttons) but that with the hat would have sent your wife into... well lets just say you would have had a good night :wink::smile2::eek:oooh:

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    Glad it fits. I am more like 225, would like to be 265 and have been hitting the gym pretty hard over here when i get the chance. Maybe one day....... Anyway i am glad it got to you. The mail from out here is slow as all get out, but thats to be expected. I have had that cover for a couple of years, was going to retire it since it was faded out and was out of "regs" as far as our uniforms go. I like for my over to fit a little snug, that way they dont blow off when the wind picks up. as far as cooties goes, i am up to date on all my shots, could even get the Corpsman to vouch to that. Things out here are getting interesting. cant say to much about it, just keep an eye on the news. you will see what i mean. once i get some pics develpoed i will try and upload some on here. take care and i hope that cover pans out for you. it was sure good to me while it lasted.