Walnut River - Anybody from around Ark. City?

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by smhmc6, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I've been using the ramp in Winfield quite a bit since Feb., but I've been wanting to get on the Walnut down in Ark. City. Been down there twice in the last 4 weeks or so and they've that that park with the ramp locked up. Well after the flood in Winfield that ramp is TOTALLY ruined (as if it wasn't already):angry:. And I'm sure that nobody from the city is going to clean it off. Anyway, if there's anyone from Ark. City, do you know when they are going to be done fixing up that park so I can get on the river again? I figured 4 weeks would be long enough for them to pave the roads, but I guess not. Its a long drive and alot of gas to drive down there from Andover just to find out if they've finished it.