Wally World Tire changes in policy

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  1. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    Took the wife's car in for 2 tires as she was heading out to go to Texas to get the grandkids and bring back for a couple of weeks.

    First off, I worked in TLE for 2 and a half years after retirement so they can't BS a ex-employee.

    Anyhow, I told them what I wanted, tires and sizes and road hazard. Now comes the changes. Road hazard USED to give you 2 new valve stems when they mounted the new tires, lifetime FREE rotate and balance every 6000 miles, free flat repair and regular road hazard if you should happen to puncture a side wall, blowout or any other problem as long as it was not caused by the vehicle itself. Such as out of round rims, wreck, wheels out of alignment, etc.

    So I go to pick up the car. New changes now in force. Road hazard is still 9.67 but does not include the valve stems, balance, rotation. Basically all it does cover now is flat repair.

    They charge 1.75 per valve stem. You can buy them inside for 1.98 for 2 on a prepacked card. The balance will cost you 5 bucks per tire for a one time balance or 7.50 for life time balance but the rotation is not included any longer. 2.00 per tire for tire removal of the old tires. Doesn't matter if you take the old tires or not, you will be charged. Don't know if it's federal or state law.

    Didn't check into the price for flat repair, but most places it is usually 5 bucks or less. So basically you are paying them about 10.00 for insurance to fix a 5 dollar flat.

    On occassion you would actually have to replace a tire under the old "road hazard coverage". In the 2+ years I worked I probably actually did maybe about 5 or 6. Most were from the farmers driving their trucks thru the fields and running over a stob where they had previously bush hogged.

    All in all, I think I got ripped and even the guys I worked with says it sucks but it's the new Wally World way and they have to charge the way they do.

    Okay guys, I've vented but can't say I feel much better. Send a e-mail to the home office too and told them what they can do with their tires from now on too.
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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Still cheaper than most major tire dealers in the Houston area. The Firestone airheads want $20 to fix a flat. Only went there because it was late Sat. afternoon and it was close, the wife wanted to go for a drive in her new car, but not without a spare. Took a brand new tire in with a flat, probably nail hole, they wouldn't fix it, said that the hole was too near the side wall. It was in the the groves that run at a right angle to the tire about 1" from the side wall, still in the tread part of the tire. Since the car only had 40 miles on it, took the tire back to the Honda dealer and they sent it out, fixed it as their responsibility. The tire dealer they took it to is one I usually do business with. As for the price of tire repair, I know of no major tire dealer that fixes them for under $10, most want $15. But, then, I never get the road hazard anyway, only had one tire ruined from road hazard in the last 35 years. Don't get that many flats either.

  3. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I deal locally for tires.
    I know I pay 40-60 dollars a set more for a set of Michelins but I would rather pay this long time community tire dealer more then send less to Arkansas.
    I know where this cat's office is and can walk right in the door of it.
    No managers to deal with or Walmart way to deal with.
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    Marion Ark
    Amen Mark, Walmart is getting to be a joke all over the country, has been going down steady since Sam Walton died. The public made them, now it is time for the public to break them. It would have to be a dire emergency for me to get a tire from them. At one time had corporate on my buddies list just so I could raise cain with them, but that does not good. So, I don't spend very much of my hard earned money there anymore.
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    mark thats true keep your money local and your community stays strong.
  6. FishMan

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    I feel the same way when buying most durable goods. Pay a little more to do business localy, I feel better, it's better for your local community and I believe it is cheaper in the long run.