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Discussion in 'Walleye Fishing' started by ronniethomas, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Was wandering if anybody knew the downsides of stocking walleye in a pond if it would hurt the population of all the other fish in that tight of a water circumference or not?
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    Well Ronnie if you don't want any surviving fish in the pond then yes walleye is a very bad idea in a pond. Now if you want to raise them then alot of bluegills,shad,an such is going to be needed stocked constantly. There was a pond here local that a guy had stocked heavily with bass an hi-bred bream but he also put in a couple walleyes. Needless to say his fish started to dwindle. A couple of us went in an caught the walleye an no more problems.

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    they won't reproduce very well. But you can stock fingerlings and grow them into a great meal! If I had a pond it would be stocked with walleye because they are the best eating fish IMO. and you will need alot of baitfish. I read up on establishing a pond. And the biologist that wrote it suggested adding something like fathead minnows for a year, nothing else. Feed them and get them going, then add in bluegill or crappie for a year or two. Then start adding in predators like bass or walleye. Make sure you have plenty of cover too for the bluegill to hide in and spawn successfully.