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Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by floundahman, Jan 5, 2007.

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    I have been away from the BOC for quite awhile. The experience that I would like to share has a lot to do with that. I took my son, my friend and his son out on the Yadkin River last spring. We headed out just before sundown. We had just launched the boat (a 14' john boat) and headed up the river when we began taking on water over the bow. The boat sank in seconds and the 4 of us were being swept down river. Everyone made it to shore O.K. We lost all of our equipment, and spent a number of hours; cold and wet trying to get back to our vehicle. We were able to save the boat, which has since been sold. Safety had always been my first priority on the water. Everyone had life jackets, we had waterproof lights (3) , and a full tool box with our horn, flares, fire extinguisher, tools and a first aid kit all now gone. I had been boating since I was 12. We had a sailboat. I had had john boats, canoes, and small motor boats. All of my past experience hadn't prevented me from making a tragic mistake. No one was hurt, but they could have been. I had overloaded my small boat, especially in the front. I have since replaced the fishing tackle and will fish this year from shore. I may be in the market for a boat next year, but for now I'll revisit some boating fundamentals.
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    Jim, glad your still here to relate your story! Far to many people get complacent in their boating habits and place their selves and others in danger.Yours is always a timely reminder, be diligent and aware of the dangers concerning boating safety. Thanks and welcome back.

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    Welcome back Jim! Thanks for sharing your story! It should serve as a wake up call to all boaters. The capacity plates on boats are there for a reason and must be followed or a tragidy could occur. I'm glad your crew all survived but man that had to be a real scare!
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    thanks for bringing this to everyones attention, if everyone that reads this stores that in there brain then it could very well save a life from you sharing this. thanks again and im glad everyone made it out alright, nice job with the PFD and the waterproof lights.
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    Needless to say we are all glad you survived your ordeal but what really impresses me about your post is the fact you take total responsibility for what happened. No excuses, no B.S. and a sobering story of how an experienced boater can make a fundamental mistake. Anyone who ventures onto the river in a smaller boat should take a lesson from your post.
    Welcome back to the BOC ...W
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    As they say: "The best laid of plans can go awry." Glad you guys were thinking safety, and made it ok; so many times that is not the case. Just think how it 'could have' turned out. Folks don't always realize just how quick things can go wrong. Ask yourselves: "If this happened to me, would I have time to dig those pfd's out of the storage locker?" Happens a lot, folks....
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    its not just the small ones. my experience came from lake mohave in nevada, with white caps, and a 25' fishing barge. if you have never had a pontoon submarine on you, you are in for the thrill of your life.