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    Last year we went down to Derby, Indiana and fished the Ohio river there. I caught several flatheads there, between the 2-5lb range and they seemed to be everywhere, my brother-in-law caught several also, including a 40lb. fish, I hooked a rather large fish also, got it to under the boat but never saw any color so I don't know what it was, it cut through my leader line. I've targeted channel cats most my life, and have caught several trophy fish. Now I would like to catch a trophy flathead, so can anyone out there give me any advice on targeting these monster fish, any advice would be a great help.:0a35:
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    there are a few kansans that are pretty knowelageable about them look up arkrivercatman, he s pretty good with flats. or unklebunkle , there is a hole list you might check the library under flatheads, good luck sir hope you find your PB with their help, I ve read some gret advice
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    Probably not the answer you are looking for but.......Patients and time on the water.
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    Good lively baits.
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    start at google earth. zoom in on your river and locate the feeder creeks. after a good amount of rain(enough to soak ground and raise the water level!) head to the biggest creek mouth you can find. toss out live and FRESH cut fish(what ever you like best). place baits close to shore on each side of creek mouth and back in the creek also in the middle of the creek mouth. if you have a good population of flats and you didnt miss the water rise peak(when she is falling the bite is usually marginal at best) you shouldnt even have time to set all three poles out before you get a run. move baits around if they arent getting hit in 30min. its very important that you tred softly too. a bunch of stomping, hollering and busting off limbs will surely squelch your action! this pattern will work just as good in daytime as at night. its pretty cool when they are on hot, you can see them cruising up into the area and your hart starts to race! put the beer down n get ready.lol

    dont forget those ditches that only run after a rain too, they can be just as good at this time!
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    I've had some success fishing riprap banks at night. especially during the summer time at night. they come in close to the bank at night and early morning.
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    You might get lucky quick...But for most it takes many, many years to get a true trophy fish. some never get one.

    It depends on what you call a true trophy, In my are I consider it a 50-lb or more flathead.

    I have only caught 2 in 25 years of fishing for them.

    But I have caught many 40-lb fish, which are almost as good.
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    Doug, I also fish the Ohio River (Pike Island Pool) Northern panhandle in West Virginia. Last year we started targeting flat heads in October. We were fishing a warm water discharge of a power plant. We caught several Flat Heads two of are biggest were a 30 & 54 LBS. We had one monster break our line. We were using whole skip jack approx. 6-8" in size. I'm new at this also but my advise would be fish power plants if you have them in your area. Use bigger baits, I believe the bigger the bait the bigger the fish. If you don't have skip jack get some blue gills or big creek chubs. Try below a dam too. Good Luck, Tim
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    Like what has been said, time and patients that what it takes. When i target the elusive flathead, i generally fish around big rock and deep wholes. We try to fish the sand flats at night when the big ones are feedin on the shad. I watched a guy haul in a big flat the other night from the top of our delivery truck, the guy was fishin in twenty feet of water just below a bridge, fish got tangled in a support beam and the ol boy just walked down the beam right to the hog, brought back some good memories and even a few bad ones lol. keep us posted on ur hunt for that monster.