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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by richard dunbar, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. richard dunbar

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    What a mad house it was in Savannah last night. My wife and I waited til last night to start shopping, big mistake! We went to wally world on montgomery crossroad. That place was a total madhouse. Evedently they hav'nt had a actual manager in that place for a month and they were so messed up we stood in checkout for 55 min before we got to the register. Nobody was in sporting goods, houseware, or jewelry. The shelves were messy and most of the employees were really rude. It was not a pleasant experience. Thats not the usual store we shop at and I dont think I'll ever go back to that particular store. I know its the holiday season and people are stressed so I'm not planning on complaining to corprate about it. I just thought I would share and blow off some steam. Thanks for listening.
  2. Dreadnaught

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    Tis the season for short tempers, long lines and, messy stores, LMAO!!! To much commercialism in it anymore!!!
    Commercialism = No fun anymore!!!

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    Im glad that all our shopping and Christmas is done and over with! Had our Christmas last Saturday, all to do now is sit back and relax. :wink:
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    Indiana, J
    Ya, Merry Christmas. I'm tired of listening to dead people sing about how happy they are about the season.....
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    Thats a bad deal dude but wait until people actually have the gall to come up to ya and snatch your things right out of your cart,try and stop em and ya got a knuckle sandwich. I know this happened cause it was in our local paper at a WallyWorld a few years back! Thats worse than rude! To be truthful I can't think of an appropriate name for it that you could type. The paper said employees were busy breakin up fights between the customers. Now if you were to ask them they probably would tell ya they didn't get paid enough to do that. Thats rough business! Tempers flarin one never knows in the heat of anger what those types of people will do!!:waaaht: :amazed: :angry_2: Decribes the feelins that I would feel. I would be so appaulled!
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    You should call headquarters, and this is why. Same kind of thing happened to a friend of mine night before last. He said there were only 4 checkers in the whole store, with at least 30 people lined up in each line. He said all the clerks were of retirement age, and wanted to talk and lollygag. Said he went to the express checkout and they shut it down right before he got to the register, and told him too bad they couldn't help him. So, he said thanks anyway, left his cart where it was and walked out empty handed. When he got home, he called headquarters and told them of the problems he had, and they sent him a $20 gift card. Not that $20 matters when you're trying to buy gifts for people. The thing is, Wal-Mart wants to be the largest retailer in the world, and run everybody else out of business, but they don't want to pay people to be there when it really matters, or pay overtime to their employees, or let them have their breaks. If they want to be the biggest and the best, then they should act like it, and be THE biggest and the best. Headquarters should know when they are dropping the ball. These people get paid to smile, and be polite no matter what their personal problems are. I know, I'm in retail too, and that's my job even during the holidays, and even when I have to work a couple of hours late, or have to skip my break to help people.
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    Ditto On that post. Illinois has those problems also.
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    It's a mad house out there today. Not just stores. people.
    Many just aint friendly.
    I had to go get something. After trying to find a parking place. Almost runing over about 50 different people who walk right out in front of me without looking, people trying to play bumper cars saw a fight over parking. LOL.
    I said forget it, rolled down my window, said Merry Christmas to all. That made people smile a little. Then I wrote out an I owe you for my wife, went to the cigar and beer store. I'm home till after New years. LOL.:big_smile:
  9. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    I did almost all of my shopping online this year and totally avoided all that insanity!:cool2: I leave the malls to the crazy people!:eek:oooh: