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    After observing the waders around me while fishing for trout, I realized that my cheapo Hodgman waders with the rubber boots needed to be replaced.

    Now I need to find a replacement.. I don't really know what kind of wader to buy or how to shop for them. My price range is up to $200 (may go a tad further up), but of course the less expensive the better. Also, I'd need to buy a good set of wader boots to go along with it, I don't know how much they go for..

    What do I look for when shopping for waders?

    I know that neoprene is really warm so i don't think it'll be ideal for me in the summer time but it'd be a good winter wader.. I hear about these breathable waders but does that mean in that the early spring would be too cold for me to be wearing these waders?

    Any thoughts would be great..
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    I wear Lacrosse hippers, so I'm prolly not much help, but I do want to mention my Lacrosse Alpha knee boots. They're rubber-coated neoprene, and are THE most comfortable rubber boots I've ever worn.

    When the hippers wear out, I'll be lookin' at neoprene.

  3. AwShucks

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    I just buy the cheap waders from Academy or Bass Pro. Don't see any need to buy the expensive ones just to have them dry rot over the winter. One 40 dollar pair a year is better than one 200 dollar pair a year. LOL
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    The last time I routinely waded while fishing was in '96 while I was in North Dakota.
    However, I am "old-fashioned" when it comes to wading. A good tough pair of jeans and some old, worn-out, combat boots. Of course this only works for the summer time. I really enjoy the feel of the water. But I really hate cold too, so I normally don't fish when it's below 50 degrees out.

    If you really do need waders, I would go with AwShucks advice. Might even try Wal Mart too.

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    Cabela's sells some decent breathable waders for under $200. I've heard good reports about the Cabela's brand.
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