Waders...what kind do you use?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Catcaller, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Catcaller

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    I currently have two pair of waders. The ones I use the most is a pair of Red Ball camoflauged 4 mm Neoprenes with thinsulate boots. The others are from the Bass Pro Shops outlet store...such a good deal I couldn't refuse it. They're heavy duty canvas...but not insulated nearly as good as my others. My fav waders have a slow leak in the left leg. I'm going to patch that up if I can ever locate the hole. It hasn't been easy. I'm thinking about after I fix them I'm going to invest in a new pair of waders. I've been looking at Lacrosse and Hodgman. I have a pair of Lacrosse 18" Burly camo rubber boots, and they have held up well. So I know a little about that company. I know nothing about Hodgman...but I sure do like the looks of their products. They have a new high back wader that has a waterproof zipper in the front...which is convenient for obvious reasons. Anybody have any of their products? Are there any other brands that deserve looking at? I have allowed myself to spend up to $250 to get these new waders I covet. I don't mind spending the money on something as long as it will last a long time.
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    I have a pair of hodgeman breathable's no complaints here.

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    I bought a pair of cabela's SuperMag 1600 waders. They have 1600 grams of Thinsulate in the boots which is great if you get cold feet(like me), I like the fit and all the pockets but I can't stand the shoulder straps as they are always falling down. Look on the back cover of the Cabela's waterfowl catalog to have a look at them. They are not a Teal season wader, unless you want to lose weight, and are well made but my complaint is the shoulder strap. At 180$ the straps might be worth the 70 dollars in savings. I got mine in the bargian bin for 100$ so shouldn't whine so much I guess!!
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    Tupelo Ar
    I don't really wear waders that much because where i hunt is mostly ol sloughs. I have a pair of Lacrosse thigh waders. They do the job pretty well. My favorite all time boot is Muck Woody Max. I can agree with charlie on the cold feet and they have never left my feet cold or wet. A good all around boot and the durability is second to none. I've got a pair that i wore through hell and back for the last two years. The toe finally wore through and even then they didn't leak. Couldn't ask for a better boot for the money.
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    I don't use waders. Anyone that uses them in a river should be aware if the water it moving fast and you fall they can fill with water and wash you down river.
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    last year a buddy of mine wanted me to go waterfowl hunting, I bought a pair of Redhead "Big Man" waders from Bass Pro. I think they were around $120. They are made for "Big Guys" (read: FAT) like me. Most comfortable pair of waders I've ever had, too bad I have stopped river fishing for smallies & 'eyes. I didnt have time to duck hunt this year either. Hmm..... $120 & I've wore them twice. :crying:

    But they are GREAT waders.

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    Cabela's Ultimate Waders. They are around $150 or so. Excellent waders. I've got 3 pairs of them. God bless.
  8. Desperado

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    The best I have found are Proline or Lacrosse waders. If you look in the trapping mags. you will find the toughest one. Due to the abuse trappers put them though.
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    ive got some waders i bought from cabelas a few years ago i really like,cant even think of the name rite now but "armour" or somthing like that comes to mind......i also have a pair of hodgema light neoprene waders i love to wear when the weather is warm {ie: early teal season} they are easy to move around in and comfy but not very warm,hints the reason i like em in the warmer early seasons
  10. hoosier angler

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    I have 2 pairs of Lacrosse

    1st pair bought in 1992 called Camo duck II thy were a bit bulky (canvas), but had great boots, never leaked.
    I used the heck out of them until I retired them in 2000 (kept them for a backup because if you rip a pair in duck season will be over before you can get new ones

    2nd pair bought in 2000 called brush tough 5 mm or something like. about $225.00.
    made of 5mm neopreme,again with great boots.

    We get out at least 20 times and hunt primarily rivers full of all the stuff that ruins waders, we are pretty hard on them.
    Neopreme fit tighter less condensation ie less damp feeling.
    It wears a bit faster.
    I had one small leak in a spot where I punctured them, repaired with Lacrosse urethane boot repair and was back in the hunt in 24 hours ( or I could have used my old ones.)
    They are very warm, almost hot while you are setting the dekes, take off your parka save some sweat.
    I bought a pair of cabela's wader pants $35.00 they wick away all the moistur that builds up, under these a quality thin insulated underware and you will be good to go.
    I have hunted in sub zero in this setup and have NEVER had a cold foot.
    The boots are comfortable and durable, you can walk some distance in them with out getting worn out.
    I would buy them again in a minute.
    My hunting partner got a great deal on a $150.00 pair of name brand waders, and after the 3rd replacement pair (for leaks and ruined hunts ) they are now his backup waders.
    You get what you pay for, or LESS.
    Spend some time getting other opinions, I am sure there are several good brands out there.
    I would not buy less than 5mm.
    The boot is very inportant, if your foot gets cold you will be miserable.
    If you wait until the end of the season Wing Supply (internet) has a big closeout sale you may save some money.
    Keep them clean, and get a wader/ boot dryer, very inportant to keep mold from growing inside the waders. (I have seen this happen in a couple of days!) $39.00 for you $250.00 waders.
    Store them in a cool, dark place, in a sealed plastic bag,away from electric motors ( they produce ozone which destroys pure rubber)
    If you do all this they will last a long time, unless you rip them wide open on some trash!
    Think of them as an investment in having a quality hunt.
    I hope this helps you out, I know I could not believe I was spending $225.00
    for a pair of waders but I am glad that I did.

    Good luck on your search, Hunt safe, Hoosier
  11. tdpasser

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    Gilbert AZ
    I've owned red ball and notherner and northerner you could rip through the blackberries with no leaks, red ball was good for being lighter but was not as thick. still have my northerers which are about 20 years old. not sure if they still make them but back then they were the very best for hip boots. for chesh I say go with a medium to thick Neoprene with thinsulate felt bottom boots. great for river walking.
  12. Catcaller

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    Good post hoosier. I picked up my old Red Ball waders back in '92. They have held up pretty good besides the leak in the left leg. Those and the other pair will be backups for a hunting or fishing buddy or one of my kids friends who don't have their own waders. I don't like to tempt fate by saying I'll use them if I put a hole in my new ones...but there it is...Lol.
    I really like the new Hodgmans with the zip up front feature. They would be so much easier to get in and out of. But obviously I'm concerned about the zipper leaking. They claim it's durable and 100% waterproof and will stay that way....but the conditions that I hunt ducks and geese in the winter and fish for whitebass and hybrids in early spring are rugged and unforgiving when it comes to tearing up equipment...especially waders. (I do alot of walking, fence crossing, and also break alot of ice to set decoys...not to mention wading in a rocky river while fishing early season) )I haven't ruled them out, but that's one strike against them. Otherwise they have 1000 gram thinsulate boots, 8 mm wool midsoles, and 5 mm neoprene with an anti abrasion and puncture resistant coating.
    The Lacrosse waders I'm looking at are the Brush Tuff Extremes. They have 1200 gram Thinsulate boots, 5 mm neoprene with abrasion/puncture resistant coating, and wool midsoles.
    Both are nearly identical...except the LC has 1200 grams thinsulate in the boots, and the Hodgman has a 1000 gram and the front zipper feature. There is also another Hodgman model I'm looking at...the 1200 dura mags. They also have the 1200 gram Thin. boots...but they're a standard wader...no zipper.
    Theres also a Columbia brand wader with 1600 gram thin. insulation....and all the same features as the others. The Cabelas Armour flex waders are also available with and without the zipper feature...and look pretty good themselves. The prices of all these are so close that it doesn't really matter which pair you get price wise. They range from $180 for the Cabelas standard armour flex...$240 for the Cabelas armour flex zip ups...$240 for the Lacrosse Brush Tuff Extremes...$230 for the Columbias...$230 for the Hodgman Dura Mag 1200...and $250 for the Hodgman zip ups. All also are highback waders...I love that feature in my buddys waders...they come all the way up to the bottom of your arm pits.
    I'll probably hold off until I get my income tax refund this march...that way we can get Christmas sticker shock done and over with. Besides...I have irons in the fire and other loose ends to tie up bewteen here and there.
    Thanks for all the good advice everybody.
  13. djlabs

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    Hodgeman Dura-Mags - are excellent and the Cabela's brand wader is very good too. Stay away from Bass Pro's brand - Redhead I went through four pairs in less than a year the seam's leaked. Cabela's gives a limited lifetime warranty on any wader you buy from them and Bass Pro fought me on a pair that was less than 30 days old and had only been worn three times, they still looked brand-new. Wader driers are good things too. And also - don't store your waders folded up, keep them on a dryer or hang them up and they'll last longer.
  14. Mathersm

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    Darbydale, Ohio
    I got a nice pair of Guide series waters I have had for 4 or 5 years now. I have wore them through all kinds of stuff. They just finally got a leak in them this year. I only paid 70$ for them. I prefer the stocking foot over boot foot waders. I know alot of people who have had boot foot waders that sprung leaks fairly quickly where the boot is attached. I wear a boot that is big on me so I am less likely to twist an ankle on the rocks in my local creek. They have a lot of give in them so if I step on a rock the wrong way the boot, will twist not my foot. Just my 2c worth.
  15. whisker

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    I use a pair of Hodgman thigh waders. Most of the chest waders I checked into have a 33-34" inseam for a size 9 boot...VERY uncomfortable for a short guy like myself. I wade out to just above my knees, and have gotten pretty good at "slinging" my decoys another 10-15 feet. I use one of those 16" collapsable extension poles from a tree pruner with a "hook" on the end to get them back in. The ones I fling out into even deeper water,.... I've found are easy enough to retrieve with a 4/0 hook and a 1/2 oz. sinker on my catfishin' pole.... :D