Wabash River Sat. Night

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    anyone been catching any flatheads outta the Bash yet? saturday ill be out there all night into the morning. my cousin just got a 30 pounder on a trot and serveral more from 15 down to 2 or 3 pounds. he also just got a 56 pound blue from the bash, first time i herd of a real nice blue coming out of the wabash this year. anyone got a spot they kno of that produces flatheads form the bank around terre haute? the few spots i have seen flats come out of have been crowded everytime i go there now so im lookin for a new spot. (i respect other peoples fishing spots just to put that out there)
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    east central indiana
    well me and a buddie went out last weekend NOTHING BIT at all.... we got one channel... form about 8 oclock to 2am and only one channel.... it was fun tho...

    we use stink bait, gills, cut gills, liver, worms, hotdogs... and only one channel...

    but im pretty sure were goin out tomorrow night... either here or we might try quabache st. park... if i can find out information about it before tomorrow night....

    but were fishing it up north.. i dont think any blues are up this way...
    but im realyl wanting to catch a NICE river flathead..... hopefully tomorrow night will be the night

    were gonna go pretty far back and work our way towards our vechiels.. if nothing is biting.... it looked like there is some gnarley stuff back there a lil ways.... looked like catfish heaven back in there....

    good luck to ya