Wabash River Cottage

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  1. duff

    duff Guest

    I have a house for sale on the river and out of the flood plane. Still have flood insurance but it didn't get flooded last june!

    It's in Montezuma IN in Parke County Indiana. It's about 30 miles north of Terre Haute, IN 30 miles SE of Danville, IL and about 60 miles west of Indianapolis. Caught plenty of fish out back and even when it was flooded caught them out of the back year:cool2:

    All new stuff, nice lot w/ 2 yard barns new stove, refrig and dishwasher. New carpet windows close to boat ramp with great fishing and waterfowl hunting. 4wheeler trails all up and down the river too if you are into that.

    I had to take a job away from the area so it's for sale.

  2. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    Hey duff... do you have pics and google earth coords?

  3. duff

    duff Guest

    Sent you a PM.

    Here are a few pics I have.
    Street View
    Side View
    Pic of flood plane in back of house.

    I didn't mess with mowing the flood plane portion of my property as you can see in that picture but both neighbors did and it made a nice place to work my duck dog, let the kids play and sled, camp and even the neighbor kids would swim in the flood waters:crazy:

    It's a great place to take the kids to as well or live. There were 3 large parks within walking distance, nice ice cream shop, and good pizza in town. Heck of a 4th of July parade fireworks, Covered Bridge Festival (if you are into that) and cheap utilities. Not to mention the big flat heads in the river and tons of geese. I miss the place already and it's only been a few months:sad2:
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  4. duff

    duff Guest

    Yea I guess I need to get a more seasonal picture:wink:
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