Wabash River at Vincennes

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  1. crazyjet1

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    Was thinking about heading to vincennes on the wabash and was wondering how any of you guys do there. Maybe some tips about water levels up and down stream. I have a jet and can run through a couple inches of water but have to know whats there to do it. Thanks guys.
  2. jesseray

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    if you can find kimmel park go downriver probly a mile and theres a train brigde. fish the second one from the left thats were ive caugt most of my blues,and gar:angry:lol. use cut carp if you can get any or any kind of cutbait really. there's a deeper hole there close to the bank right under the train bridge and a shallow flat behind that and to the right,i usually didnt fish the hole though,to many snags.
    if you go downriver a little more you'll see another bridge thats the memorial bridge.go past it...not very far and you'll see a pipe with water coming out of it or some concrete if the river's up but it's on the left side going downriver and fish right there for quick bite's never really caught any bigger one's there but lots of smaller and some shad,massive carp and smallmouth.
    down from that just a little bit there's like a big tree hanging over the river and if the river's down you'll see a bunch of water boiling up to the top..its from a big pipe that runs halfway out to the middle of the river but right past that pipe by the tree...deepest hole i think youll find for a little while.
    well hope i could help,let me know how you do!:big_smile:

    OHH if the river's up you'll just have to look a little harder i think to find the boiling up water and concrete stuff but shouldnt be to hard.

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    camby, indiana
    let me no when u go i want 2 try it, i can show u how 2 fish, ha,ha
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    Greensburg, IN
    Hey Casey...next weekend (May 9,10,11) me and a few of my buddies are having a little get together at New Harmonie State Park on the Wabash. You should come down if you get the chance. Matter of fact, any other BOC brothers and sisters wanna come down, well then come on!!