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Voltage regulator

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I have been having sooo many issues with my boat lately, all have been easy fixes as im sure this one will be too. spark plugs being unplugged was the first issue, losta starter bolt, spring & washer and fixed that. When I was out sunday we pulled up to a spot and i noticed smoke coming all from my motor, I shut off the batteries and we found it to be electrical. My friend checked it out and the voltage regulator grounded out. we unhooked it and taped up the wires and continued fishing because we were so far out. It continued to work and start. Now I leave for afghanistan in 2 weeks and really dont have the time to fix it. will it be ok until i leave say if I wanna go fishing once or twice more? or should I just go ahead and get it fixed and not toy around with it? is it an expensive fix?
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