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Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by AZflats, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    Hello brothers~
    I am back in Indy for my annual visit to the Purdue University.

    I am sitting in my hotel room watching the Wabash river from my window wishing I had my cat fishing gear with me...:sad2:

    Does anyone fish in this area? This is my 5th consecutive year coming up here, and I never see anyone fishing.. Guess it is too cold?

    Anyways I just wanted to say Whats up!! to my frozen brothers here in Indy... Maybe one of these years I can meet up with someone to catch some fish...
  2. bnorth

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    Hail from Boiler Land! Good to have you, are you in town for business? Not too much fishing going on right now, the Wabash is mostly flatties that take some serious coaxing and deep holes to get to bite, but don't think I haven't considered trying. Since you said you can see the river, I have to assume you are staying in the Hilton-- nice place. The river through there is pretty shallow, maybe 2 foot in alot of places with some decent holes under the bridges. You should come into town in the warmer months though, the fishing is alot better!

  3. fcrnnngbck25

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    Lafayette, Indi
    I live about a block from the river. I haven't been fishing this winter, though about it but its shallow for good portion by the pedestrian bridge :embarassed:. If i had a boat might be a different story :big_smile: