Vintage Shawn Day

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by loanwizard, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Yesterday was a typical fishing trip for me. So if you ever decide to make a trip with me, this is what you can expect. I got up bright and early (7:30) and loaded up the boat. I headed out to a spillway approx 50 minutes away to get bait. When I got there I made two throws of the net. Each time I could barely lift them over the railing, there were so many. Oh yeah, this is going to be a great day, I thought to myself!

    Well, I headed to the river. I called Rollo to let him know that the shad was thick in the spillway because he had called me a week prior to see about a winter supply. Well, we decided to meet at the ramp. Everything was great and we chatted for a little while and I put the boat in the water. Boat started fine, and I backed into the middle of the river. I love taking off, jamming the throttle forward and coming up on plane. For some reason I couldn't get it to plane. It's fall and sometimes leaves will clog the jet. Well I looked in the back and there was a little water in it so I turned on the bilge. After 15 minutes I tried to take off but it was still sluggish. I looked and there was still water. I am a patient guy so I got into the cooler and pulled out a Pepsi. When I went to put the can in the cupholder.... I found my plug.... Ooops! Well, I headed back to the ramp and took care of that issue. Next time I revved her up it took off fine. I had one full tank of gas and one not so full. I had decided to go with just one tank to see if the extra weight has any affect on performance. It does and to the tune of 3-4 miles per hour. The water was up slightly so I knew I had no problems with the bottom except for this one place where you start on one side of the river and have to shoot clean over to the other side or else... well you got trouble if you don't. Shot through there with no problems, fished, caught a 7lb and a 7 1/2 lb channel.... Flatheads weren't around it seemed. Tried 3-4 different spots, missed a couple, basically had a great time. I powered up about 3 pm to go home. Remember I told you about that one bad stop? Well I got to the middle of it and the engine starts stuttering. Luckily I got through to the other side before it died completely.... once I changed the tank over to the full one it was fine. When I got back to the dock, I backed the truck up and drove up on the trailer. When I am by myself I leave the engine in forward to keep it snoug on the trailer while I go up front to put the strap through the eylet. I get up there and next I hear this ripping sound and all of a sudden feel a rush of cool air hitting me right in the... anyhow, now that I am exposed to the world, I finish up and head home.

    At least this time I didn't drop the cell phone in the water.
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    hooterville indiana
    i would hate to be with you on a bad day brother. lol

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    I think those kind of days are more common than most will admit. You just outlined my 'typical' fishing trip. Thanks for the humor. Not that your misfortune was funny. Just laughing with you, cool?

    Hey, you gotta laugh or you'd be crying. Don't get caught doing that. This place is pretty rough, they'd rip you a new one.
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    Sounded like you had a good day!
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    Walter Flack
    Well, thats a better day than it would have been if you've took Netmanjack along. He would have casted the net and got it snagged and then ripped open and you would of lost all your bait. Also, he would have tried to put the plug in while still in the river and dropped it in the water. And most likely you both would of gotten skunked. lol:smile2:
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    BEEN THERE---DONE THAT (excepi for the jet drive). Hope you was wearing clean undies!
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    Bring that jet drive to Keystone and we'll give it a good trial. You may have to use something besides your motorcycle to pull it though. LOL
    Hope to see you there. If not, National #2 for sure.
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    Yeah, theres know way Shawn could pull that boat all the way to Keystone on his motorcycle. (Challenge issued :wink:)
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    i must have missed this thread...but, for all the added goodluck you have had since this, i thought i would just post and are one unlucky man!! the kind that i would throw out of my boat for bringing badluck on a tourney night!!! LOL!! just kidding bro! but funny stuff though! in a way funny:confused2::big_smile:....rollo
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    Man that’s enough to make you take up drinking or twiddle-de-winks which ever is cheapest, and you can sleep in later. Luck, boy do you ever need a change in it.