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I went out to the park this afternoon to try out a new reel ( First bait caster) reel did not go to well but around 4:30pm the cats started biting. I was using chicken livers and it was slow for a while but once I found the spot it was on. I caught five in less than an hour. I did not weight any but the biggest was the length of my tackle box which is 22 inches. I was wondering if anyone has ever fished lake Dunn or Austell with a boat and had a depth finder ? I was wondering what the average depth's are out there. All the channels I caught were in the same spot I casted to which makes me think I found a drop off. All the fish were ice cold and seemed full of air and were burping so I am sure i was pretty deep but its hard to tell some time's. Well i just wanted to share my fun filled day with you guys. Any info on the depth's of either lake would be great.
Thanks ,
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