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    During my time spent at night fishing i noticed a few things, Bass and Channelcat will investigate a low pitch thump spaced more than 5 seconds apart. Eventually i just tied a weight to my rod and would drop it every 6 sec or so. It brought some ferocious strikes. Getting sort of senditary now but its a trick to use to pick up large fish quicker.
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    Brother orion_gxxvx, noise can attact catfish and other fish.
    We have striper fishermen on LKN that will take a broom handle and beat on the bottom/floor of the boat the Atlanta Braves charge. It works for them. Also, on Santee Cooper in SC there are a couple of guides and fishermen that take their stero speakers and lay the speaker opening flat on the floor. They play a lot of bass instrument stuff and it works for them. Also, I have been known to pull on my line three times while trolling to entice a bite.