Veterans Christmas!!!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by flathead willie, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Lets not forget our vets this Christmas. My brother-in-law just got home tonight. He has been in the veterans hospital ICU all week. Between me and him, we spend so much time there we aught to have our mail delivered there! A lot of the guys there can't leave. The people that work there will be there on Christmas day, instead of being home with their families. My wife and I always find a little time to swing by there on holidays, since it's only about 10 miles away. A few boxes of cookies, a cake, some books or magazines, or some leftovers are always welcome. If you happen to live near a military base or a V.A. Hospital, try to find a few minutes to stop by and tell a soldier, "Thank you!", in the next couple weeks. You might be surprised at what a few dozen peanut butter cookies can do! Thanks!
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    Amen Billie, Amen

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    Thank you Billie. We all need to be reminded. I know there are at least two VA hospitals within 90 miles of here, and I'll do my best with the PB cookies.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours bro, love ya.
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    You betcha, they do what it takes. Sometimes its good, sometimes bad, but its all for us. Sad to think that when needed they are remembered, but when they get injured or not needed anymore they are forgotten and our population has other things to pay attention to. Thanks for reminding folks about that.
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    Thanks Willie For reminding us I sure will+