Vet who won Medal of Honor at 17 dies

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    North Caro
    Jack Lucas, a North Carolina native who at 14 lied his way into military service during WWII and became the youngest Marine to receive the Medal of Honor, died on June 5, 2008.

    Jack was just six days past his 17th birthday in February 1945 when his heroism at Iowa Jima earned him the nation's highest military honor. He used his body two shield three fellow squad members from two grenades, and was nearly killed when one exploded.

    He told President Truman, when he was awarded the Medal of Honor, that he 'hollowed to my pals to get out and did a Superman dive at the grenades. I wasn't a Superman after I got hit. I let out one helluva scream when that thing went off.'

    Mr. Lucas was born in Plymouth, NC, twenty some miles from where I spent my teenage years.

    He died at the age of 80 and was in the hospitable and had been battling cancer for quite some time. In the end, he told his wife and doctor to disconnect the dialysis connections and other life support because he was ready to ship out.

    What a man.
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    Dear Brother Mac;
    Yep, slowly but surely all of the ones that paid a terrible price fighting for the freedom of not just the U.S.A. but of the World too are leaving us. Not too many left now.
    My fear is that all too often each succeeding generation forgets the price paid not only by American Service Personal, but that others in free countries have paid too.
    This is also NOT a put-down on any of the folks that served in WW1, Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Desert Storm, or any of the conflicts after that and in the ones that I am sure are still to come!!:sad2:
    My biggest problem today is the, for lack of a better or more accurate term, WASTE of or Service Personnel's lives ... ... It seems like all we humans can do is make war and keep finding ways to kill more and more people at a single blow!
    Without getting into "High Intensity" topics, I have to wonder what our World, our Home, would be like, if we could take all this brainpower, all this computer power, all this High Technology, ect, and apply it to the problems of World Hunger, World Health, or lack of it because we have so many, many, people in this country alone that don't have adequate health care, not to mention in the rest of the World. If we applied it to making sure that every family had a decent roof over their head, food in their belly's, pollution free energy and transportation, if all our High Technology, Computer Power, Brain Power, ect, could be applied to these problems instead of War and how to kill more and more of our neighbors with the push of a button, .. ... I just have to wonder What Our World Would Be Like?
    Personally, I think it would have to be a better World for us all. But I have serious doubts that we will learn to get along with each other, much less use the powers and technologies at our disposal to make OUR WORLD; Our HOME, a better place to live for ALL the Citizens of Planet Earth!!:sad2::confused2::sad2: Surely there is enough violence in our history as a species for us to learn from those mistakes instead of always listening to the inner Reptile in our Brains!!!
    What would the harm be I wonder, if we could all just give it a serious and honest try?
    That is all I have to say.
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    i am gonna word this carefully. i dont know you, but you have the feel of somebody who might have been in harms way once or twice.

    i think i understand most of what you have posted. basically, if the ppl of the world would put as much effort into peace-prosperity-and happiness as we do into war, we would all be better off. i agree with you. we would be better off.

    when i look at the history of war and violence, i dont just see it as a tragic mistake. i see it as human nature. right wrong or indifferent. it is unfortunate, but it is the way it has allways been-straight through the biblical times of the old testament. maybe one day we as a species will come together. i dont think it is very likely. even though i think it would be wonderfull.

    i do have a slight problem with the phrase "waste of service persons lives." tragic...yes. awfull...yes. unbelievably painfull, yes. but, i do not believe it is a waste. i am not talking about political agendas, or goals. i am talking about the sacrifices a fighting man makes for his comrades. to the grunt on the ground daily life and fighting has nothing to do with politics. it is about staying alive, and more importantly keeping your fellow marine's alive (or which ever branch). i dont believe that anyone who died by my side while in the sandbox was wasted. i am forever humbled and greatfull for thier sacrifice. i hope i dont come across as offensive to you or anyone else.

    jack lucas made the choice to be a marine. he made that choice as a free man. he sacrificed himself as a free man, so that he may save his brothers in arms. for that, i am greatfull.
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    These are my words and you can interpret them anyway you want to.

    If I am going to die, and I am, as we all are, I would prefer that it be in the company of men dedicated to the belief that what they do is for all men. Free men. Men who wish that what someone else thinks has the right to think them and would die for them. Not some self-imagined world that will never be existent without guys like Jack Lucas.

    Jack Lucas did something that most of us would have a hard time doing let alone even imagining doing. He of course did it for his buddies, but he did it in a larger scheme. I am sure he would have preferred to lie in a bed of leaves on some river bank than a grenade. I don't, didn't know him of course. But that is not important. There have been, were and hopefully will be many Jack Lukas's.

    Until the guy coming over the hill at you has a bunch of poises in his hand, instead of an AK 47, no matter what some want the world to be there better be a lot of Jack Lukas's.

    A wishin' and a hopin' ain't gonna cut it.
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    Lost Wages
    All I can say is thank you Jack Lucas. I have had the pleasure to meet a soldier from Iwo Jima about 15 years ago. His daughter told me because he didnt.