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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by georgiamike, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. georgiamike

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    This weekend my daughter and I caught one channel cat each. We were fishing at the Lake Lewisville barge and dropping straight down then coming up off the bottom about 6 inches. She was fishing for crappie and wasnt doing well so asked me to put some liver on for her. She was using an ultra lite rod and reel, a few minutes later she asked me to look at her pole and see if I thought she was getting a bite, the tip was barely moving up and down but I told her yes it is a bite, about a min later she reeled in about a 1.5 lb channel cat. Later I got a bite with my medium/heavy action rod and the tip was barely moving again, so slight that at first I thought the rod was just moving from the movement of the barge. I caught about a 1.5 pounder also. Seemed like very light bites to me. Is this common?
  2. Baitkiller

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    Alot of the Flatheads I get (8-35 lbs) can bite that "Lite" at times!!!


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    That is very nice! sometimes cats bite real lite.
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    I've heard about it, but never experienced it myself. I've found channel catfish to be pretty aggressive biters. There have been times that I wasn't paying attention and luckily caught the end of my rod as it was being dragged into the water.
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    Yeah I've had them bite like that before. I use circle hooks and highly recommend them, that way if he gets it in his mouth most of the time he's hooked. And when realizes he's hooked he'll let you know he's there then.
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    I caught a 34lb blue this weekend.

    He hit like a girl. LOL

    But I saw the pole bounce like three time, just bang bang bang, like he was tasting it, then nothing for a full minute or two. When I picked it up to see if the bait was gone there he was. Fought like a Brick till he hit the surface then it was right back down to the bottom. Then like a brick again, and so it went till he hit the net.

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    I've had both blues and channels just sit there with the bait, no tug on the line or anything. Didn't even know they were there until I reeled them in. Just last Friday, I was collecting bream for an upcoming fishing trip, but put out three lines while wading the shallows throwing my cast net for bluegill. Took a rest, checked my bait, threw out the line, and drank my soda and ate my sandwich. After 20 minutes, decided to check the line again and there was a 3 lb channel on it. He never pulled on the line or moved in making the line slack like sometimes happens.
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    Maybe thats why I haven't caught any cats lately! The current moves the line so how can I tell when I have a cat?
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    hey georgiamike, north Texas guy here as well. Got plans to be fishing Lewisville on the 1/20 in an ACATS tournament. Lavon is my norm hunting grounds.
    Like others have said, a cat can bite all kinds of ways. With all the taste bud/senses they have on the body, they can just rub on the bait to get a taste of it. Thats why foul hooking cats is fairly common compared to other species. I use ande envy green line for this reason. It's a real bright green, real easy to see. Can't tell you many I have caught over the years setting the hook on line movement alone. No pole movement, no bait clickers going off, just the line moving a little differently than the waves/current.
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    yeah thats common especially there, lake lewisville barge in TX?, its somewhat big got 3 covered little places and another covered spot and the rest is out side, i never scene anything big there, though at times that crappie fishing can be really good, the catfish nor bass there take large strikes. have fun!! i went there with fishing camp over the summer, you should try a barge on ray hubbard not quite sure where it is. good luck and good fishing
  11. screamnclickersc

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    Change to small circle hooks & set back!When he realizes he's hooked,he'll bend the rod.
  12. Muddler

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    It sounds as it you were fishing under conditions that would make it hard to detect a bite. You were fishing on a barge and your lines weren't on the bottom (you said you were reeling up about 6 inches, I believe). With the barge bobbing and the bait not fixed to the bottom, there was no "anchor point." This doesn't mean that the bite was not light, it do doubt was--just that it seems to me that conditions for detecting a bite were less than ideal.
    Just a thought. I've caught pretty big fish without detecting a bite at all. Just lift the rod to check the bait and "whoah, got one on!"
  13. bluehunter

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    I think it has something to do with the water temp when channels hit light. I had that happens several times. I also had no indication of a bite at all sometimes as well. I just happen to check my bait and a fish just so happens to be on it; the cat just sat on the bait. All of this normally occurs with me during the late fall and winter months. I caught a 42 pounder late Oct that pulled light. I did not know that it was of size until I set the hook. The big blues I have caught mostly let be known that they were there. Only a low few were light hitters. But a lot of channels hit me light in the winter. During this times I like to use circles mostly to help get those light tappers.
  14. just cats

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    I hate it when they bite like that but they do sometimes. Don't know why sometimes they just pick it up I guess and decide to sit there with it, who knows? I just like to see that rod start bending and keep on going down, the way a good catfish ought to!