Very Important Notice for California Sportsmen

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    Eugene, Or.
    This information is accurate at the time this CAL-ERT was written and originally distributed. The NRA Members' Councils of Californiawill keep you informed as issues affect your gun-rights in California.
    The Fish and Game Commission is considering a state-wide ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting. Almost two years ago, a bill (AB821) was signed into law that imposed a ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting in areas occupied by the California condor. Through its hunting regulations, the Commission extended the ban to include .22 rimfire ammunition and expanded the boundaries where the ban applies. With this track record, the Commission is likely to be receptive to carrying the ban to the borders of the state.
    From the beginning, proponents of the current ban have wanted to lead ammunition banned state-wide. The California condor was simply being used as an excuse by the anti-hunters and anti-gunners to carry out this agenda. They have already achieved a partial ban. The next step is to take it state-wide. If they are successful, they will push to ban the use of lead ammunition for everyone, not just hunters.
    There is no scientific evidence that lead ammunition is the source of lead affecting the health of condors released to the wild. There is no scientific evidence that lead ammunition is a risk to human health and the environment in California. What is evident is that there are a group of special interests that have friends on the Commission who will not stop until the most affordable, available, and balistically superior ammunition available is banned in our state. When that happens they know the damage it will do to hunting and shooting participation.
    Please write and call the California Fish and Game Commission and request that they oppose all efforts to extend the ban on lead ammunition.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:Although the NRA vigorously opposed AB821 back in 2007, it is now law. However, it is unfortunate that the CA. Fish & Game Commission expanded the restrictions much farther than those required by AB821. Therefore, the NRA urges you to contact the CA. Fish & Game Commission and voice your opposition to even more enhanced restrictions that exceed the scope and intent of AB821.

    Mailing Address:
    California Fish and Game Commission
    1416 Ninth Street
    P.O. Box 944209
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

    Phone Number:
    (916) 653-4899

    Fax Number:
    (916) 653-5040

    E-Mail:(Please include "State-wide Lead Ammo Ban" in the e-mail subject line.)
    Submit written comments, via electronic mail to:
    John Carlson, Jr., Executive Director
    Jon K. Fischer, Deputy Executive Director - Regulations and Policy
    Adrianna Shea, Deputy Executive Director - Special Advisor to the Commissioners

    Note: If you prefer to send only one email, you can send a single email to the Fish and Game representatives by using the special "ONE CLICK"email address that you can find HERE. By sending one email to the special "ONE CLICK"address, each one of the Fish and Game representatives (listed above) will receive a copy of your message (so it is probably a good idea to address your messages with: Dear Fish & Game Commission,).

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    • Be proud of your accomplishments and be especially proud that YOU are willing to fight for all of our rights to enjoy our Second Amendment freedoms!
    Continue to monitor the latest legislative updates at:

    A printable version of this CAL-ERT can be found at:

    Archived CAL-ERTs can be found at:

    NRA MembersÂ’ Councils of California
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    Pleasant Hill,
    Tom, seems like CALIFORNIA wants to take the LEAD out of everything, even the pencil:smile2:. I wish they would get lead out of you know where, and do more for their CITIZENS.

  3. rrssmith

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    another attempt at eliminating gun ownership.
  4. gilmafam

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    Thanks for the post Tom.... Seems as though the state is having a problem with its legislators.... they can't get a budget, nor can they do any good things for the sportsmen and outdoor folks... Thanks Pelosi, Harmon, Fienstein, Boman ..... all Democrats..

    Bayrunner Ray
  5. plumbertom1

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    Eugene, Or.
    The thing is this is being done by the F&G commission.
    A regulatory agency with little accountability to the elected representatives.
    Sportsmen and women must make their voice heard before this regulation is adopted or be prepared to make donations for the court fight.
    Take the time to send a letter or at least an email today.
  6. riverbud55

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    AZ Topock-/CA Riverside
    Dale Miller
    wouldn't mind not having lead if there was a suitable replacement at a decent price, but at 25.00 a box for tungsten and more for some of the new types of shot, it would make dove hunting not even possible, very easy to go threw a case+ of ammo in a weekend of hunting, would make it $250+ for 20 dove:crazy:
  7. plumbertom1

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    Eugene, Or.
    Yeah, Dale, cost is one aspect but once you get beyond shot other problems rise that tungsten can't fulfill.
    the ballistics of tungsten bullets fall far short of lead. which decreases accuracy and makes for more wounded game instead of kills. There is also the fact that even though tungsten is dense it is also hard which reduces deformation decreasing the damage that a well placed shot does in order to make a humane kill. You will get more through and through hits with minimum bleeding which not only will increase game loss but extend the suffering and contribute to possible wounding instead of kills.
    These things will contribute to anti-hunting sentiment and be used as future propaganda to stop hunting.
    This is well thought out long term campaign that has very little to do with the California Condor, a species that is functionally extinct.
    Lead shot has little effect on the condor population.
    What has wiped them out is their inability to get out of the way of a fast moving car or truck while trying to feed on roadkill.
    Unless there is a plan to reduce all speed limits within condor range (basically the entire southern California region) to 25 MPH nothing will prevent them from dying out.
    From my point of view the quicker the better.
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    Sinkers are next! I never figured it out, in CA south of LA there is about no place to fish that ain't a drinking water reservoir. I tried to buy non lead sinkers last year, couldn't find any. They are avialable now, but more expensive. I guess its more important to protect animals than people. Do ya suppose we'll have non lead wheel weights soon? I was gonna get another sinker mold for making sinkers, but now I wonder if its gonna be a waste of money figuring they will make lead sinkers banned.