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very brown

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this will take a while to get used to
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yah it will. it is kind of confusing but some things are still the same.
hope everyone finds their way back
i can't figure out how to set up a profile pic. how did you do it?
Been wondering the same thing myself. Like it was said going to take a lot of getting used to.
The brown reminds me of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. I'm ready to go fishin.

Keep an eye out on the FAQ link in the nav bar, many new tutorials will be popping up on how to do things in detailed instructions.

Here is one on how to add your picture:


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Why can't everyone speak English or Catfish or something we can all
understand better than this computer "GEEK" lingo. Hey wait a minute
I am supposed ta be a "Geek" according to the guys I Work with. Anyway,
what the heck is an "avatar"? Is that something dirty or is it what
my Southern brothers call a guy who flys an airplane? Anyway I hope we
all get back to the serious business of catchin' fish here soon and helping
each other out with details of that sort of thing. BYE
I'd like the edit funtion work longer than 5 minutes. I never catch my mysplyngs till I go back a time or two!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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