Vermillion River Hot Spot

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by ILChannelMan, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Hey all!

    Been fishing the Vermillion all week. Spawning is under way, and I'm doing pretty well, considering the recent drop in water levels. My best bet has been minnows and Mud Leeches right at sunset-about 11:30 or when I decide I've had enough bug bites for one night. Last night, I was using my Hat with a visor light, and could see the swirls where they were spawning. Right in there was going crazy. Channels and bullheads were hot last night. One keeper, 6 small ones. Keeper was about 4 lbs, made good fillets.

    I live right by the start of the Vermillion, and its going good, just started fishing it again this year. If any of ya'll wanna know any good spots, or go out there with me, just let me know.
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    Oh yea vermillion has always been a nice fishin' place. I always go to the McDowell bridge or the old Pontiac Jail with high hopes and a bunch of stink bait... never left disappointed...