Verdigris River is it posible

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    i need to know is it posible to run the river from coffeyville ks to lake oologah in oklahoma we are capable of running through shallow water we ran the arkansas from oxford ks to kaw lake in one day last year we were running 50 mph in shallows of 6inch were r the baot ramps on this river if you would like to see some of our fishin pics go to if so how is the fishin on this river and lake

    we have a 1966 dcc G3 boat with a 115 yamaha with a 6inch jack plate
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    I doubt it unless you have a boat light enough to drag across certain spots or the river is at flood stage. There are some shallow riffles about 10 miles North of big creek ramp about 24 miles from the lake. That's where I stop with my boat. I can be on place and draft 6 inches or so but lots of rocks and many shallow places between here and there. I'm also not sure if there's any low water dams between here and coffeeville. In a air boat,canoe or light jon it would be possible but you'll get stuck or tear your lower unit off trying it in your boat. Come down and camp on big creek and you'll have 24 miles plus lots of creeks to fish....great catfishing.