Verdigris River fishing

Discussion in 'OKLAHOMA RIVERS TALK' started by capt theory, Oct 3, 2007.

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    howdy all. havent been doin much fishing at all this year but i have gotten out for a couple nostalgia trips these past couple of monday mornings. went to lock and dam 18 the monday before and managed one fish that im guessin was 30 to 35 pounds on a european float rig. didnt have my scales cause my gears been in disarray. but oh well it wasnt what i was looking for anyways. it needs to be about 20 more pounds to really warrant my attention. then went to lock and dam 17 this past monday and ill admit, the mojo was against me.. started with a torn shad net so the bait was fun to get.. :angry:
    started throwing jigs and got a couple herring to get started with and then ran out of time.. damn work and the fella who invented it!!

    just checkin in though. anyone been fishing the verdigris?
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    Hey Josh,

    I haven't been fishing on the lower Verdigris in quite a while. I was out in June and July while the river was running real hard with all the rain. We caught fish but it was tough. I'll be out there later this fall bow hunting and I'll be doing some fishing also. I usually catch some good 20 to mid 30 pounders each winter out there. Good to see ya posting again.