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    I moved here about a year and a half ago and unfortunatly have not got my boat here yet. Long story work related. I lurk around here and read the local posts. Anyway I stoped by the ranger station on the bartlet dam road (Tonto Forest) and spent about an hour with a ranger discussing the river section above Bartlet. This was a few days before the cave creek fire last year. I wonder if any of you know where the "wild" river starts/ends and the lake begins. I read where you guys and gals like to fish up the river. That would be my preferance also. The ranger I spoke with suggested that most poeple did not know about the "wild river" section. I am just wondering is it marked with signs? I believe that is a bald eagle nesting area in the winter. The water level is probably to low then to go up there anyway. He did not come right out and get specific, but in a round about way said water level did not matter. The wild section of the river starts in a specific place. He also said that power boats were not allowed up ther anytime. He pointed at a spot on the map. Like I said it was about a year ago, I don't remember exactly.I am not tring to start somethig here. I just want to know if it is marked. I would like to hear any comments about going up the river, how deep is it. etc... Thanks to all who participate here I do enjoy reading your posts. It is the closest thing I have had to actual fishing.
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    Yes I know where he is talking about. I have never fished there but have hunted ducks there for several years. The "wild river" section starts just past the ranch below horseshoe lake. as you go down Horseshoe dam road toward the lake it turns at the river everything to the east of that your right hand side facing the river is where it starts. years ago you could 4x4 down to the river there now it is closed to vehicles. It runs all the way (several miles) down to bartlett. there are some deep deep pools in there and no doubt some big fish the prolem is access. You can drive to it in aboat or 4X4 because there are cliffs and shallow (6" deep)runs. I have canoed it several times and that is the ONLY way to access it. If your up to the work it might be very good I know there are spots in the that are never fished! That section of the river is down in a canyon so if you hike it youi better hike to the right spot to get down in and even then you might ahve trouble getting to the holes a canoe is your only real option!

    Let me know you thought I can guide you in I know the that section pretty well.:big_smile:

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    If you drop a canoe below horshoe dam can you go all the way to bartlett lake. And is this where you guys refer to as the "wild river" section
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    I fished Bartlet last night. First time I went to the river side all year.. Not sure exactly how far up it was, But there was a major transition in depth. Where 12 foot went to 2-3 feet real quick. I positoned the boat over the shallow water and casted into the transition. Even though I only got one channel cat (12lbs) I had 6 runs on live and cut carp. I wanted to get the boat up further, but did not want to bottom out.

    I like the idea about canoeing up from that point. Has anybody tried to go up the river like that?

    Last year when the lake was full. I went way up till it was a creek.. Does the river fill in again? I guess you would have to carry the boat for a while..

    Channel cat pic attached.

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    Andy, sounds like you went up the river, so to speak? Nice channel ! I only know the river as it was 20 some odd year's ago. The holes are still there. But to get to them is going to be alot more difficult. There use to be a couple of way's to travel it. You could take a 4x4 in different place's and actually drive up and down the the river to certain spots. You could put a small boat in at horseshoe and go down to bartlett with a bit of work, and, AND DON'T TAKE THAT LIGHLY IT WAS, AND, PROBABLY IS, MUCH MORE NOW, A WHOLE LOT OF WORK!!!!!!!!!. If you want to try it ,please be prepaired,! this desert can be un-forgiving.GOOD LUCK ! And as alway's, if I can help let me know.
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    Andy nice Gato pescido. I have been up river but have made it only about 1/3 the way if that to Horseshoe. Take a look at google earth, it gives a decent view of the river and you can approximate how far up you were. I know of a couple of areas up river that have produced in the past. Hope to get out soon. Spent 9 days in the White Mountains at Hawley Lake so I havent been to Bartlett in several weeks. Thats got to change:eek:oooh: