Verde below Bartlett?

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    Greetings, During a trip to Bartlett on Thursday I discovered the Verde River below/south of the Dam and the trail head is near the marina and accesed via Bartlett dam Rd (unpaved) I do not have any knowledge of the area and would appreciate anyone who would share their experiences who may have visited this site. I followed the river until the trail had ended at a camp ground. It seemed to be a productive area but was discourged after I realized the accesible areas were either shallow or had a strong current. Thanks, James.
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    Never fished it but did check it out. There are deep holes in a fairly narrow river below the spillway. You have to hike in over huge boulders but once you get there you will be very impressed with the deep quality holes. There is a house type structure with dogs on the loose there but they didn't bother us. I think for sure there are flats there. The river looks very good but you will have to pack your gear and bait to the holes. waterdog packed in the evening might be a good suggestion. If a fish rips down river it could prove to be difficult because the banks have a lot of brush hanging over. The river bed there is large boulders. If you could get a small 1 or 2 man vessel up there by water it might be better. night would be a better bite but day would be easier. Down river it shallows up fast, the first 100 yards below the spillway will be the honey holes. I recommend heavy line and good backbone on the rod to have some control. Maybe a float a waterdog off the bottom and drift the river slot, add a glow stick towards the evening.The walk is farther than it looks from where you can 4x4 in and park. lots of rocks and boulders. Ran into a gila monster there crossing the dirt road on the way out in the evening, stopped and checked him out. Great spot just some work to fish it. Description might be a little different with flow changes when I was there the lake was in the upper 30's for percent. Good luck.

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    Sorry James i have only heard of it and saw it in the fishing regs. but was actually thinking about going out there someday but sorry i couldn't help if i find out about it i will surely let u know!.....John from Az.