Vehicle Manufacturers, Anyone notice...

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Nobody Special, May 25, 2006.

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    Anyone notice that all the TV ads by the big 3 are pushing SUV's and trucks, while all the foreign companies are pushing cars with good fuel economy? Maybe that's why they are loosing so much of the market share. When Honda or Toyota comes out with a 45 mpg mini car that can tow a bassboat, I'm going to get me one.
  2. IL Hunter

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    I drive a might not get 40mpg, but it does get better than all my friends Domestic trucks.

  3. back channel

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    One reason for that is that the big three's main profits come from the big suv's or trucks. they loose money on there small vehicles with good gas miles becuase manufactures like Honda, Kia, and the rest of them have hold on the small car market. However, I read the other day that GM is not going to let there customers pay more than $1.99 per gallon of gas in California and Florida. However, you can only get the rebate is you drive one of there gas guzzlers.
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    People say politicians are in bed with the oil companies.
    The biggest bed the oil company lies in is that of the automakers and while we are at it the boat manufacturers and outboard makers.
    You see 21 foot boats with a 225 on the back. There is no need for that with the materials made today.
    I know where a big 19 foot center console is that runs 50+ MPH with a 115 4 stroke. Only thing is , he built the thing himself with those modern materials and modern engineering. It is just as nice or nicer then most boats you can buy. Better hull design at any rate and built well enough that it gets run up to 60 miles offshore.
    Auto and boat companies have the ways and means they just wont do it. Price isnt the issue as people everyday are willing to pay over 30 grand for a pickup truck.
    What they are really paying for is bells and whistles, not the vehicle itself.
    The cars and trucks of today are detuned to no end.
    Run your finger in the exhaust pipe. It comes out soot black.

    If they werent detuned from the factory there wouldnt be a market for aftermarket fuel economy/ power chips
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    Here in Northern VA, all of the car makers push SUVs just as much as they do cars.