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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by smokey, Jan 31, 2009.

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    Has anyone ever had one?When I was a kid I worked for a guy that had one.I remember he always had lots of money. Now I dont know that because he needed cash to run his bussiness or because they called him "fast Eddy".Any way I was trying to think of a project that didnt envolve a alot of work,but would still bring extra cash. We have a farmers market about 50 miles from me that I could load up with product.And people just pull up in a parking lot of some store that has long closed to sell stuff.What about it would you drive to Smokies frurits and Veggies?
    I REALLY dont want to get a job!!
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    Central Cail
    With a name like smokey i might stop buy you sell anything else beside's fruit and veggie's ? lol:wink:

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    I think it takes a special kind of person to run a Fruit and Veggie stand. Kinda like the folks that work the Flea Markets. You have to like sitting in one spot, and dealing with the public.

    I have always thought if I was going to run a store or whatever,,, I would have to have a product that everyone wanted to buy. Like Dairy Queen was years ago,,, as soon as they opened in the spring,,, a line formed wanting a cone. lol :smile2::smile2: No jewing around on the price or quality,,,,, darn it,,,, give me a cone. I want one now. lol

    I always like a big garden,,, but I would not want to sit at a stand all day to sell stuff.

    In southern Indiana along 41 or 63,,, down by Vinncennse,,, they have a ton of growers raising melons. The one place I go, has a can to put your money in,,, as the older lady that watches it has to take a nap once in a while. LOL

    That's my type of stand. Mostly on the honor system. I know a lot of places this would not work.

    Good Luck with your idea.

    I know some people that do this,, they go to Chicago and all over getting stuff and selling it. Last year they got a new Chevy truck,, so they make money at it. They also wear out a truck every couple years,,, they put lots of miles on them.