Veets surgery report...prayers requested please.

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by punkin570, Jun 27, 2016.

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    I have messaged with Veets tonite and he requested I let you USCA/BOC friends know what's up. He underwent surgery Thursday (6/23/16) to have an aortic heart valve replaced. This is a major surgery. He contacted me Sunday after having surgery to say the surgery went well. This evening (Monday) I got another message from him saying he has had a slight setback and would be staying another day or two in the hospital. Not sure what the setback was but I'm hoping it wasn't terribly serious. If y'all would, keep him & his family in your prayers, send positive thoughts/vibes his way...whatever method you choose to use. He's a great guy and a dear friend of ours and I believe he could use all the blessings he can possible get. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, I know he will definitely appreciate it.
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    Prayers sent for Veets,,, need him alive to smoke peppers at gatherings.

    Hey buddy, take care.