VCA Potomac Results/Report 10/15/05

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    Manasszs Va
    We fished the VCA's 1st Potomac river tourny. Unofficaly from memory 2 fish weight 1st was 79 lb with a 49.75 lunker, 4 lbs short of the Md state record. 2nd was 66 lb and 3rd was 64 lb. We ended up 3rd and had 2nd largest fish at 36 lb. We had 10 in the mid 20's and about 10 more in the teens. Water temp was down to 63 deg. Fishing was good with a pretty much all day bite. Lots of fish in the mid 20's to low 30's. From the talk after the event most were supprized at the numbers of decent fish and had no problem putting the potomac on next years schedule. For more infomation about Virginia Catfish Association I can post a link if it is ok with this board owners. All fish were held in good live wells and realeased in good shape after weigh in.


    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Good to hear about the fish wish i would have read about it being there. ACATS will have two on the potomac next season March 4 at Ft Washington and Oct 14 & 15 at smallwood state park . when I found out a date for next year let me know i can put some guys on it.