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    Ok next year I was thinking about doing my own fletching. I was looking at quick spin and blazer. I was just hopping for your guyses info.

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    I use Vanetec 1.8 inch fletch and love them. They are stiffer than most but not as stiff as blazers.

    The little trick I use is glue them in a stepped configuration, meaning put one fletch on and and all the others put on 1/8 of a inch back from the last one.

    The aerodynamics of this is as the arrow is going down range it is spinning faster than any degree if helical could make it. The faster the arrow stabilizes in flight the better.

    Also going with the smaller fletch I am making my arrow lighter and will go faster. I shoot a Bowtech Tribute at 60 pound 28inch draw 291 feet per second. I could go even lighter but don't want to sacrifice kinetic energy for more speed.

    As you probably know speed isn't every thing accuracy is.

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    I still use the straight fletching that comes on my arrows (aluminum) & don't have a problem with them.

    My buddy just fletched his with the Quick-Spin heat shrink style. He likes them but just because they work, doesn't make them better.

    Remember, "It's the Indian, Not the arrow":wink:
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    I use a Jo Jan fletcher. It is the model that can handle 6 shafts at once.

    Fletching is really a personal thing. Some people will only use feathers. I use both feathers and vanes.

    If you are shooting 3D with only field tips, anything will work. Some use as small as 1 inch vanes.

    However, if you are shooting broadheads, that is a different story. I use 5 inch vanes and feathers; left spirals/helical.

    Feathers will give better stablization but can be affected by moisture. If you fletch feathers with a spiral/helical, use the opposite wing feather. If left helical, use right wing feathers. If right helical, use left wing feathers.
    You can fletch them either way but they fly quieter and better if you use opposite feathers.

    Vanes don't matter; put them on and shoot.

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    Hey DJ, I don't shoot anymore but when I did I put together all of my arrows. I have use feathers and vanes both but my favorite was 3 in vanes. I can't remember what brand of jig I've got now but it is just like a Bitsenbuger (sp?) and it works good but it just does 1 vane 1 arrow at a time. I would recommend a jo jan jig like Robert suggested or a jig that does a complete arrow at a time. Back when I was into archery there was a good one made by Arizona but there may be several by now.

    You will enjoy doing your own fletching and some for your buddy's. Archery shops make a killing gluing feathers on. It will be more handy, cheaper and you will get a little more satisfaction from taking a deer with an arrow you put together. Good luck and be sure to tell us how you do.

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    At the end of last season I switched to NAP Qucikspins in a 1.75"(I think) I like them alot. I amd shooting a 60lbs draw with 29" at 265fps. I did not pick up speed with these vanes but I did notice that the arrow follows a flatter trajectory. I had to move my pins to adjust. \

    I fletch my own arrows also. I use the Arizona fletching tool. It fletches all three vanes at once and then locks into the proper place. It is the easiest fletching tool I have ever seen or used.

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    well i bought some arrows the other day they are cross woven 5X stronger than normal arrows, my bow is 60-70 lb pull, and the arrows are 200's... i also use blazer fletchings. ALOT faster and more accurate... i love them... btw.. it was 43.00 for 6 arrows inserts, uni-knocks, and fletchings all ready to go... i wont go back... what broadheads you guys use?
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    I use a Jo Jan Jig and shoot both feathers and vanes. I used to use right helical but some of my bows don't like them. I've gone back to straight fletch because they work on all my bows.
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