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The family and I are going to Pigeon forge next week for a vacation. I was wondering if you Tenn. folks can point us in the right direction on where to stay and what else to do out that way. I will be me the wife and two kids, Stephani 10 and Jimmy jr 7 years old. We will also have our 2 pitbulls with us so the hotel has to let us in with animals.

Cheap is good but of coarse we don't wanna stay in something that's in a bad section or is run-down ; )

The kids wanna go to that Dolly World but I'm up for hip surgery in two weeks so walking all over the planet isn't possible for me atm. I can get around fine but I fear my pain would just drag them down and I hate to disappoint my little ones. My youngin's are the finest " A " students a proud dad could ever ask for and really want to make them happy ; ) is my plan. I was wondering if someone lives in the area and would consider taking me fishing. To be honest I don't even know what lakes/rivers are out there yet. I haven't ran this across the wife yet but she knows I'm gonna fish...thats a given there, and this way everyone is happy. We are leaving around Friday and I have to be back Sunday because I have my pre-opt appointment on Monday and then Surgery on Friday the 18th. No telling how long I will be land locked so I'm fishing hard core for the next two weeks. If we have to go a day earlier so I can fish that's prolly no prob.

In the least perhaps some of us can get together for lunch or maybe fire up a grill at the hotel. I sure would like to meet some of you folks in person and will go out of my way to do so ; )


My Pb is a #20 blue......Will Tenn bring me my new Pb ?
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