VA trip, Broken hand, and more

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    Hey all…..It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited but I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my plea for help when I was heading to VA with the broken hand. I apologize for not getting this done earlier but I did want to fill everyone in on how things went. Writing this has probably gone through my mind 100 times since but I’m finally getting around to doing it. Call it lazy, call it rude, call it a biproduct of bipolar, call it whatever you want, but it’s simply me and it’s very hard to maintain any type of regularity on a board. Any board!…I’ve joined quite a few from reptiles, to hunting, fishing, photography, etc, etc…I go through my phases where I’m hot and heavy into a subject for a while, and then a new light bulb turns on and whatever it was takes a backseat to something else. Just the way it is with me so as long as everyone knows that and is ok with it, then I guess we’re good. It has a way of causing me problems but everyone on here’s always been cool so I felt I at least owed you the explanation.

    Being that the subject rolled that way, my primary goal today was to fill you in on how things went in VA but while I’m here I want to say something personal. I will try and refrain from posting again because I think it’s unfair to only get online when I have a question, but never actually hanging around the site long enough to actually contribute. It’s exactly what I do though….So that said….I’d like to take one second to clear the air with someone if possible. Anyone who’s been around here long enough knows that….Joe…You and I had a pretty serious issue with each other sometime last year or maybe the year before. Regardless…I want to say something on that. I don’t typically talk about my bi-polar simply because everyone hears that word and they automatically think completely off the wall crazy, but that’s not remotely true. What is true is that I go through phases. When I’m normal, I’m normal (at least my normal), when I’m manic (I don’t ever get to the point of believing I’m a god or the devil or anything, although it does happen in some patients)…However…There are levels and stages, but I can get to the point where I’m over confident, that I know everything about everything and it seems to me no-one else has any understanding about anything whatsoever, no-one can tell me anything because I already know it, I’m aggressive, uncompromising, and oftentimes, I come out of it with less friends than when I went in because they simply weren’t around long enough to see the other side of me which gets along with pretty much everyone. Then lastly is the depression, which goes in different levels also. I have gone back and forth pretty regularly all my life but it’s only been twice that I can honestly say I’ve seen the deepest depths of hell. There is no real way to describe it accurately because it's indescribable, but for those reading…Try thinking of the worst, most empty, hopeless, desperate, inescapable feelings imaginable, and then add the anger and betrayal of finding out that your wife had an affair, add the constant alternating thoughts between suicide and murdering the guy you were blaming as responsible, imagine all of that and every other bad or unconfortable thought and multiplying it by 100 and you might be close to what it’s like. Somehow I came out but those were my depths of hell this time around and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy! Ever!!

    So what I say to you Joe is that you met me in the midst of a pretty rough time. My wife had an affair, I was going through a divorce, I was trying to sell my house before I lost it, had just come out of that (In hell) depression which actually got me hospitalized this time around (which was good because that’s when they finally diagnosed bi-polar and began working with me)…I was still in the midst of working with different medications to see what was going to work, and in summary….The whole time was just complete shit and in all honesty…I hated life, I pretty much hated everything in general. So take that for what it is….I remember the reason for our beef and I still don’t know if I was right or if I was wrong, but what I do know is that it was a really rough time and what’s done is done. I’m hoping we can let that go. I haven’t been fishing yet this year but I'm sure I will at some point and I guess what it comes down to is this. I’m 40 years old, finally on meds that keep me pretty even for the most part, I have all my fines paid off from trouble I got myself into throughout that time period, work is going good, etc…., and the last thing I feel like dealing with is more fines and jail time rolling in because I bumped into you on the river or loading dock and things didn't go so well if you follow me. I don’t know about you….But I have dealt with enough bullshit over the last year or two and I’m not really looking for any more…Now that may not be the best method and I’m not claiming to be really good at this shit, but that’s my peace offering and I hope you take it. And that’s my thoughts on that.

    For the trip and what I rigged for my hand:
    • I picked up one of those deep see fishing waist rod holders (with the cup)
    • Made a harness that wrapped around my shoulder and under my arm on opposite side out of seat belt material. (leaving the clip attached)
    • I then wrapped a section of seat belt material around my rod directly below my reel, and tightened it down by running a bolt through the open end (as close to the rod as possible) to cinch it down.
    • I left about 4 inches hang and attached the other half of the seat belt clasp
    • I then adjusted the seat belt lengths to hold the rod in the correct fighting position so as soon as I clicked in, it would be ready to go.

    When a fish would bite, I would walk over, rest the butt of my rod in the waist holder, attach the seat belt (which allowed me to use my back to crank, etc..), while only using my broken hand to steady the left, right, and twisting action. This wouldn’t work with a complete hand cast without some modification to how you would control the twist, but my hand was healed to the point that I could at least grip the pole to control this. So anyway….I took a lot of ideas from a lot of different people, and put them into what I came up with above. Regardless of everything mentioned above…I do very much appreciate that about this site. There is just a very good group of people and a general willingness to help.

    As for the trip….It turns out none of it mattered….1 day with a guide and 2 full days on our own….Not one bite between 4 of us! Lol Maybe that’s another reason I didn’t get back to report earlier? HaHa….Either way….Was a really good trip, I love the James, and we’ll get back down again. Have a free guide trip because of the results on this one, so we just need to time it for when my uncle can talk his wife into letting us take the pontoon again. Have to say we looked like professionals even if we didn’t catch anything. Learned a lot last year on what we were lacking and did a lot of modifications to the boat. Front seats were out, rigged up a method to attach 12 rod holders around the front, same amt of stand up holders for running spot to spot, temporary carpet down to keep the blood off the floor, new fish finder, etc…All that works done now though….All we need to do is pick up and go the next time around. So there’s the long ago promised update as well as some other things I thought needed said. Take care all….Hope you have a good weekend. Weather’s supposed to be pretty nice.
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    Wow! That was intense Jeff! Glad to hear things have improved in your life. Thanks for taking the time to update us!

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    wow is right, i don't know you or what your talking about but i think after reading that anyone would be forgiving. glade to hear life's getting good for you. tight lines..justin