Utah Team wins Missouri Trny!

Discussion in 'LOCAL UTAH TALK' started by spoonfish, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Tyler along with his dad Scott made the trip all the way to Missouri and fished our acats tournament Saturday April 26th while they were here. They ended up with big fish and total weight for there efforts. Way To Go Guys!

    Tyler I have a new avatar pic. for you if you would like to use it. Thanks for fishing with us guys. Your also now qualified to fish the Championship. Hope you had a good vacation here and a safe trip back home.

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  2. Kittycatcher

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    Clarksville, Te
    WTG Tyler, good looking fish.

  3. catfisherman_eky3

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    Glad to hear that they won the tourny that is one nice looking catfish that they caught there, I bet that thing put up one heck of a fight, that would be fun to catch.
  4. CountryHart

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    Congrats fellows. I didn't even know Utah had catfish:eek:oooh:
  5. montgomery#1

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    ogden utah
    Thats awesome. And yes utah does have catfish They arent to big thyough.
  6. catchaser19

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    Thanks guys. Fishin in missouri was beyond awesome just sittin on the dock at catfish safari was worth the drive. Not to mention the great fishin. You guys need to go there, i aint tellin you if you got time that would be a good choice i am sayin get your a** in the truck and drive. It is a catfish wonderland over there. My mom thought my dad and i would get our butts handed to us but after she saw our livewell boilin with cats i said now who is doin the butt handin. I just would like to give some credit to steve brown and his family for the awesome trip they did way more than they needed to. I felt very guilty when he was cleanin the fish i caught i felt like i needed to at least help. But by the time i realized he was doin that and got to the dock he was already headed back to the house. His lodge is so nice anybody could live in there. it is how i want my house laid out its so nice. Thanks again to all involved in makin the tourney possible:big_smile:
  7. L-Kipp

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    Congradulations on winning your tournament. Is there somewhere on the website that we can read about it or you can fill me in. The bluecat and flathead is impressive catch's. What was your bait? My brother Lamar Evans won the Cabelas Big Kat Tournament for Lake Tawakoni, Texas May 17 with a 72.65 lb. flathead catfish that broke the lake record. You can read about it if you search under Lake Tawakoni, Tx. Do you fish in Utah very much? My husband and I fish in different areas. We just returned from Lake Powell last Thursday because the weather wasn't that great. The fish quit biting because of the weather and the moon. We also fish at Pineview and Strawberry Reservior. We love to fish for catfish, small and large mouth bass, stripers and all other white meat fish. We release most of the red meat fish that we catch. Just thought I would drop a note and tell you congradulations on your win. I know how it is to compete in tournaments also.
  8. Mo.Hick

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    Madison Mo.
    Congrat catchaser19 to the turny win. That is a great blue. Hope your stay here was a great one.