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    Ok, so I was looking at the USGS website to find out about the Kaw river and all the data that the site offers. First off, wow ummm it reads like stereo instructions and not the easiest site to navigate. Do many of you guy use this website to find out stuff like water temps, flow rates, water levels, etc...? I mainly fish at the 435 area but there the detail at the area is spotty, however upstream a bit at Desoto ( seems to give much more data. Would this information be fairly accurate to use for my position downstream? Just curious what you all used for info on the river data?
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    Desoto is the gauge I use, I figure whatever happens there will reach 435 and below in 2-4 hours. Other than the flow, I look at the temps, although water temps down around Kaw Point can be a lot different due to the deeper / slower water, and the Missouri River influence.

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    I watch the gauge in Lane, KS for the Pottawatomie R and the one in Ottawa for the Marais Des Cygnes R. All they offer is the height and flow rate.
    It took me awhile of charting the gauge reading then driving to my fishing spot to set up a idea of when it's at a good flow and height to fish.
    On the Pottowatomie, too low and there's no fish and too high it's unfishable. You may only get a 3-5 hour window to fish after a rain.
    What is a good gauge height and flow rate at DeSoto gauge to fish the Kaw at 435?