Using Circle Hooks with Mono for Catfishing

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    Original post made by Chris Harris(Gottheblues) on October 31, 2002

    Using Mono With Circle Hooks

    Here's my theory after using spiderwire with the lock down method for about a year...If you use a good rod with a sensitive tip and mono line(which has a lot of stretch to it) a big blue will not feel much resistance when swimming off with the bait. Thus, you will see your rod slowly bending down to the water. Like I said in the above post, sometimes a blue will not take the bait completely in its mouth...while it is swimming away it will take a second and reposition the bait. If you are using spiderwire(which has little to no stretch) during one of these bites, the blue will have no chance to reposition the bait...thus you will get a poor or non hookset. When using spiderwire(or similar braid) you will notice that the rod does not slowly bend down to the water. It is more of a quick jab downward(most of the time). Thus, if the bait is not in the blues mouth right or the fish is a light biter then the stiffness of the line will jerk the bait out too quick or the fish will let the bait go b/c he feels the resistance.(b/c of the braid). But, having said this, braid works great when the fish are most aggressive. But, they don't always bite aggressive. Sometimes they might take their time before taking the bait. During these times I feel mono is the best choice. Let me say again that this is just a theory of mine after watching big blues in tanks feed, getting feedback from anglers all over the country and fishing for them myself for the last 15 years. Before I made the switch back to mono, I did a test where I put out 4 rods with braid, 4 with mono during the course of a few months. I found that I lost more potential fish with the braided rods then I did with the mono. Not an exact scientific test but I knew personaly in my mind that I couldn't go with the braid anymore. I believe that there is just as much to do with the mental aspect of fishing as the technical part. What works for me not might work you. And vice versa. That's why I love boards like this where people can share ideas and experiences.