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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by FlatGetter, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    I cant seem to catch fish with my clicker. They pick it up screem it for about 2 seconds then put it down and I set the hook on nothing.Its like they hear the clicker and get spooked out. I used the slip sinker rigs. Does anyone have any suggestions that can help me?
  2. Nightprowler

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    Sounds like you maybe getting hit by turtles or small channel cats.More than likely them pesky turtles.What kind of bait are you using.If you are using live bait and it is big it could be your bait and you will need to tighten the tension on your reel.That will a round knob next to your handle.

  3. tspergin

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    newark ohio
    leave your reel in gear and back off drag to where it will slip when the fish loads up the rod,use circle hooks and put the click on it will hook 90% of the fish before you pick up the rod,then use your thumb for additional drag untill you get the fish under control,hope this helps you out
  4. Baitkiller

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    Akron, Ohio

    We all keep hearing about the runs and the fish DROPPING the baits and not always not coming back. My opinion would be to tight-line and use very sturdy rod holders.

    From what has been posted here on BOC over the years about circle hooks, it sounds like they do not aways work under all conditions. My question to all would be would they use ammo for deer hunting that would not always work??

    I'll answer my own question on circles...."Its a WANT TO DO", its not that they work better.


  5. DTro

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    The circle debate will go on and on and on...........

    The hunting/ammo analogy doesn't work here, because if it did, that would mean that there is a hook that would work every time. I"ve seen just as many "whiffs" with standard (matched to the bait) hooks as I have with circles.

    Regarding the clicker, I enjoy using the clicker on my rigs. but I find myself relying on them less and less. I find that I can usually tell whats going on just by studying my rod tip, not only that, but I've had a lot of recent flats that just nail the bait and either just sit there or head upstream, in either of those cases, your clicker doesn't do much good.
    The only thing that tips you off is a quick sharp tap on the pole and a slight load on the rod.
  6. janton311

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    Wichita Kansas
    I've kinda given up on the clicker myself. I usually try to find a couple good size rocks for a rod holder and watch it...
  7. dcaruthers

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    I have the same thing happen alot and at least here it is always gar running with the bait. I only hook about 1 out of 10 using circle hooks.
  8. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    if you're sitting right by your rods then you don't need the clicker, just watch the rod and use the drag system to let the rod load up. The clicker is only there to let you know the line is moving off the reel if you're not looking and most of us have a tendesy to dose from time to time on an all nighter.
  9. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    I leave my drag set all the time, but have my clicker turned on. If the fish is big enough to take out line think it means he is hooked already. Rod bends way down before the clicker is going to work, I use circles and Khales on my rods, and have good rod holders that aren't going to have any problem holding on to my rods with 7lbs of drag set.
  10. catfishsteve

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    Omaha, NE
    I use my clicker as I fish in the dark with a couple of poles and circle hooks.
    The clicker goes off, I put the rod in gear, the rod goes over in the holder, the fish is hooked and I reel him in. I hook 90% of the fish that are still screaming the clicker with I throw the rod in gear. If the fish can't manage to scream the clicker and pull the pole over in the holder, it's too small and I don't want to catch it anyway.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Well As It Was Said Everybody Has Different Hooks, I Myself Dont Like Circle Hooks. They Is So Much Bait In The River I Guide On That At Time Bite Are Very Light And They Done Really Load The Rod To What The Circle Hooks Will Work. Plus I Have Had Lots Of Eye And Outside Hooks With Circle Hooks. I Use Kahle Hooks For Live Or Cutbait And Treble Hooks For Dip Bait.
    If You Are Getting Runs Where They Loading Up And Letting Go. You May Add A Trailer Hook And See If That Help. When I Use Big Baits Or Whole Fish I Aways Use A Trailer Hook And It Helps Out Alot.i Will Hook Bluegille In The Lip And Back By The Tail I Also Scale One Side Of The Fish To Help Get The Sent Out In The Water.
  12. Larry

    Larry New Member

    I agree with you Dtro, Used circle hooks exclusivly last year had good success. Then switched this year to hooks that I can set on the fish. Found early on that the clicker was singing but I was missing fish. Finally started watching my rod alot closer and seeing the hits like your talking about. When I see my rod tip moving with lots of action (minnow freaking cause its about to be eaten) I try to have my rod in hand when the clicker starts making noise. and Go for the quick hookset.
    Catch ratio has gone way up since then.
    Not to say that you cant catch fish with the clicker screaming. But you should be ready set quick so you don't miss the fish.
    Dtro, Look forward to being your fishing partner in the metro cat contest next Sat, We should be able to take both division.
  13. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    Philadelphia, P

    in my experience, the quick screams are most likey channel cats.

    if it is a slow consistent scream, it is a flathead
  14. whiteriverbigcats

    whiteriverbigcats New Member

    I use clickers and find they are quite handy when i river fish because i like to spred my poles out and from time to time they will be a shallow pools in the area and i like to fish thise for Blues. But i dont hook every fish when it sets the clicker off, just as if you didnt have a clicker you would just have to be patient.. Experience and timing is the best advise... as for circle hooks they are ok.. but i can catch fish on any style... im not picky but i have caught alot of fish on regular hooks so in my opinion doesnt really matter... till next time good fishing...
  15. FlatGetter

    FlatGetter New Member

    Thanks for the info!!!
  16. screamnclickersc

    screamnclickersc New Member

    I personally never had luck w/ circle hooks,especially in rivers.But I DO use my clickers when I take naps on the boat.I back off the drag and it works fine.Sometimes Gar will pick up the bait and drop it.
  17. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Clickers have been over rated to me but that might be because I use spinning reels that don't have them:big_smile: First problem is if you are using a multiple rod set say 8 or more it is hard to iniatially determine which rod is "hot".Particularly on a boat where you have to watch front and back etc.The circle and Kahle are designed to rotate to the corner of the mouth.If the fish picks up and takes off straight away the line is essentially over his head behind him (Or her). When you finally engage the bait is pulled not to the corner but out of his mouth.There are of course a bazillion angles the fish can swim off at but the problem is as long as the fish is swimming away or sideways with no resistance, NO HOOKSET.:angry: If they do feel any resistance all they have to do is open their mouth and POOF you have a screaming run and NO fish.:confused2: I am a firm believer of locked down as in drift fishing so when they slam it they get hookset action regardless of whether you have the rod in hand or not.In other words I subscribe to the NO FREE RIDE theory.If you must use clickers then tighten the drag so it takes a serious pull to make "noise"and your hookset to miss ratio will improve.:big_smile: :smile2:
  18. RiverKing

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    Yellow Spr
    dont use circle hooks, and dont use clickers either..Unless your bank fishing...If your fishing from a boat, get you some good sturdy rod holders, and tight line, keep your drag set normal, and just watch the tip of your pole. When the the takes it and loads the pole up, take it out of the rod holder and set the hook... Circle hooks take 50% of the fun out of fishing in my opinion.. good luck, hope this helps a little
  19. Taliesin

    Taliesin New Member

    It sounds like your fish are like the ones I see bite around here a lot. They don't hear the baitclicker, but if the baitclisker is stiff enough, they feel the pole. Once they feel the pole, they let go (you use a slip sinker rig so they don't feel the weight, right?).

    Use a good rod holder, and set the pole as horizontal as possible to prevent the fish from feeling the pole. A pole that is standing straight up doubles the amount of force required to pull out the line compared to a horizontal pole.

    With the baitclickers I have I can adjust the tension. A slight nibble is enough to make it click a time or two. This is one reason I am hesitant about baitcaster baitclickers. The clickers aren't as adjustable so it can be pretty tough to pull out that line.
  20. s_man

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    south east ohio
    When your clicker sounds off like that gently pick up the rod and engage the reel softly by placing your thumb on the button and slowly releasing it as you turn the handle. Then just hold till you feel the fish or sinker, then let him load up on the rod tip before you set. If you are still missing fish after that then they are turtles,gar or small fish.