"Using a Slip Bobber rig with circle hooks?"

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by shania, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hay Gang, It's me again with another fishing question. I would like to know if any one out there ever use this Rig
    (slip Bobber with a circle hook) & if so what were the results?
    (Good or Bad)
    Because I plan on using that set-up due to the fact that there's something about seeing that Bobber taking a nose drive like a submarine + I want to begin using that rig.
    Will the Circle Hooks in the same way as far as the hook-up %?
    So lets hear some things about that set-up.
  2. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    i use a slip bobber with circle octopus hook all the time.works great for me.

  3. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I never use a slip bobber with a circle hook.
  4. shania

    shania New Member

    San Leandro, Ca
    So tell me what would be your reason for not doing so?
    I just want to know everyone Pros & Cons on that type of a set-up.
  5. Iowa_Josh

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    Central Iowa
    Well, he just said he doesn't use them. That doesn't mean it doesn't work great. It works better than a rod in a holder for small fish. That's my experience. I've noticed you have to start reeling when the bobber is down or let the rod set the hook but don't start reeling when the bobber is up or I've missed hookups that way.
  6. janzaldo

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    South Gate, Cal
    From what I have been reading, catfish are some times suspended, and you have a better chance of hooking catfish. I have a Katbober that I have never used, but have been wanting to. I have heard good things about circle hooks and bobbers. I heard they hook themselves.

  7. Crucial

    Crucial New Member

    Virginia Beach VA
    I personally haven't used this combination. However, in theory, it should work perfectly.... The fish could take the bait, turn and run (which is what It's supposed to do with circles) Then the bobber would probably provide enough resistance to manipulate the hook into the outer mouth area of the fish with out the fish loosing the bait all together.. another good thing.

    I think the one caveat would be that you would have to really resist setting the hook, even more so than with a basic Carolina/fish-finder style rig. You would most likely have to wait until the bobber was submerged, and stayed that way, then give a gentile but deliberate lift of the rod while reeling, and then keep on reeling... If you try on a bouncing bobber, you'll likely miss the fish because the fish hasn't taken the bait in it's mouth and turned and ran with it. So those lucky "snag" hook sets you get with the traditional "J" hooks are not going to happen.

    Here is an interesting article where the author tried using circle hooks under a bobber for little kids, with success. Not really catfishing, but promising information for those looking to try this combination.

  8. buckethead

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    I have been wanting to try the same thing, I just got mine in from Pete, at WildWolf, I want to try the double hook rig under a slip bobber, the river conditions are not right, to give it a fair shot,plus they are still trying to spawn around here,the conditions should be perfect in a couple more weeks,
    What I would like to try is to anchor up stream of structure , say a log jam, and float the bait right into the cover,with the slip bobber, I had Pete send me some of his "J" double hook rig's, I have missed fish before because of a single hook.I dont see why the Circle Hook wont work.
    from now on every Shad or Bream that I throw out will have two hooks in it (((LMAO)) probably any one of the hooks will work under the Slip Bobber, "J" , "Circle" or "Kahle"
    even if you didnt use the snelled double hook rig, you could slid an extra hook onto the main line, use it to hook the head and use the snelled hook
    for the back of the bait, like they do Salmon fishing, JMO !!!! LMAO !!!!!

    Good Luck

  9. dfwfish

    dfwfish New Member

    I've been using it for several years in both salt and fresh water. I use this a lot around rip rap with a small splitshot about 6" above the hook. The key to setting the hook is not to jerk but just reel down till you feel resistance. The hard part is remembering not to set the hook, it will pull out of the fish's mouth.
  10. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Pro's catch more fish and I might get to sell more floats also.:wink: Con's getting to watch fish bust that float down under water and make a run that will keep you smiling :big_smile: for a while.

    P.S. hope to have the Dipbait worms in with the 3/0 sickle hooks within a few weeks. Hooks are on the way to the maker. So then others can also fish with them and not have a fish swallow the hook.:wink: