Using a Jumpbox for a Catfishing Trotline

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    I use jump boxes and they are pretty handy. If you build them, use cypress or some wood that does not swell quickly when wet.

    The line will not come out of the notches if the wood swells around it. The smoothest release action is obtained by wetting the line in the box. Just pour water all over it and get the line wet. If you plan to use a long line you will need a stacking box.

    When making a stacking box, only the bottom box will have a bottom to it. The others will be like picture frames, open. Inside the corners of the add-on boxes, glue or screw a piece of 1/4 round molding. You can put the 1/4 round in all 4 corners of two opposite corners. When you set the add-on pice on, the 1/4 round slides down into the lower box and locks them together. The 1/4 round should protrude into the lower box no more than 1/2 and inch.

    Make the boxes approximately 16 inches square. If you cut the notches 1/2 inch apart, each side should hold 25 hooks which will give you 100 hooks per layer. Never cut a notch closer than 1 inch to a corner. Cut the notches as if you were standing inside the box. Cut them only on the outside top edge of the box. Make the notch about 1/4 inch deep. The width of the notch is determined by the size drop line you use.

    Start by coiling the lead line into the box until you come to the first hook. Note:If you cut 26 notches in one side of the bottom layer, you can hang the end of the lead line out side the box in the extra notch.

    Place the hook outside the box and place the drop line into the notch. It shouldnot be a tight fit. Keep working clockwise until the box is full. Now set the add-on piece on. Leave a couple of inches of slack outside the box and start coiling the line inside again until you reach the next hook.

    The slack left out at the addition of a layer lets you tie a float or weight on as you are feeding out the line.

    To feed the line out, you can either manually rotate the box or drill a hole in the center of the bottem and set it on a pin of some type so that it will spin like a merry-go-round.

    There is a technique to using jumpboxes so try it without hooks first.