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    Original post made by Chris Harris(Gottheblues) on June 25, 2002

    Explaining how to throw a cast net over the internet can be very difficult but I'll try to explain the way I do it. I throw 8-10 ft nets which have twice that in diameter.

    First- With the net straightened out and in a vertical position grab the net in your dominant hand about halfway down the net.(I will use the right hand as a dominant. just switch instructions if you use your left) If you are using a very large net, you might want to grab the net a 1/4 of the way down, then again 1/2 of the way down with your right hand. This just insures that you don't have a lot of excess net hanging. Remember to grab the net with your right thumb on top. Not the other way around.

    Second- while still holding the net in your right hand...reach down with your left hand at the bottom of the net and grab a weight and bring it up and place it in your right hand. Repeat this process 2 more times. Again, when you do this process don't make the mistake of letting go of the net that you did in step 1.

    Third- most of the net will be in your right hand. Now we must split the net equally between both hands so it will be easier to throw. To do this you must again reach down with your left hand down at the weights. But instead of bringing it up to your right hand like step 2, you will just keep grabbing weights and net till half the net is drapped over your left hand/arm. This step will be hard at first just getting the coordination of doing this but it gets easier over time.

    Fourth- now you are ready to throw the net. You should have an equal portion of the net in both hands. Your left hand should be the pivet hand. It should not move but just rotate. You should swing the net back behind you with the right hand only. Now swing the net back in from of you across your body and let go of the net in your right hand only. One key here is to rotate your right hand over when letting go of the net. You should let the momemtum pull the net out of your left hand....don't just let go.

    These instructions might be hard without seeing it in person but I would be happy to video it if anyone would want to see it done. Once you master this way, it should only take you about five seconds to get the net ready to throw each time. It is very fast and effective for the bigger and heavier nets.