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    I had a gentlemen ask me about Aerial Photos and USGS Quads used for Hunting and Fishing and figured i would explain some of this for everyone and the uses:

    USGS Topo Quads: this is a map used to Elevations and Contours showing how the land is, these maps are great for hunting and fishing cause you can see specific elevations for the area your wanting to hunt/fish, sometimes they will have river and lake information on them, but isnt accurate as NOAA maps.

    Aerial Photography: This type of information is very useful and helpful for scouting, you can look the area over of intrest without ever stepping foot out of your house, but dont be suprised if some information is different than what you seen on the photo, some photos can be 5+ years old, some counties in ohio have update to the newer LIDAR Photos like Greene County, Ohio most GIS sites will also show Lot Distances Owner information etc... here is a photo example: the photo below is of the club i belong to and u can clearly make out the camp grounds, target ranges, club house, trap ranges, both the lake and the pond, the detail is high and one could very easily use this information to scout rivers and such, at the time of this photo the lake was not very clear so under water structure isnt really visible, but i have seen other photos that you can plainly make out underwater structures, so check out your county websites for usefull information before heading out to knew areas or scouting out new areas.

    Hope this helps some on fiding new places to fish and gives them the satisfaction of not only finding a spot but also catching that big one from hard work.

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    An hour spent reading a topo is worth more than a day trompin thru the timber I believe. If you'll take the time to find the flat top ridges and saddles, the game is usually there if somebody hasn't found it already.

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    well said, and well explained Brandon, thanks for the post.....rollo
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    great post .... very informative ...... Garry-
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    Thanks for the post enjoyed my reading