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    Have you ever wanted to fish right in the middle of that big ol jumbled up pile of rocks? I do it all the time and catch fish. The thing I have learned is that almost everyone uses way more weight than they need. I have sat and watched people throw in and hang up, break off, throw in hang up, break off...repeat a half a dozen times get mad and leave at which point I walk to their spot cast out and catch fish. I use one med sized split shot which is just enough weight to get the bait to the bottom then reel slowly until it hangs up take the slack out of the line and set the rod down. In most cases it is the weight that hangs up and when a fish picks up the bait he will pull it loose. If not, most of the time the split shot will pop off before you have to break the line.
    Yes I do loose some and fishing right in the rocks you need to pay close attention that your line does not get frayed. Cut off 3 ft of line and retie often! The main thing is that the fish are in the cover which means that is where you need to fish and in this case the cover is rocks. In some cases when the water is down and with little current we fish Liver with no weight at all. This does not work AS WELL in woody cover but is still something to keep in mind.
    Give it a try sometime and remember to ask yourself, Do I really NEED that much weight!
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    I get what your askin.. and yes if your fishing a narrowed shallow river and yes i wouldnt think if its maybe 8-9' maximum that you would need a large weight. 2 split shots below your hook on the tail-end of the line should support it to the bottom. My dad has always fished like that with any bait he fishes on bottom simply a hook and 2 split shots. Yes with Lighter weight it will be easier to work out of snags..:wink:
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    I agree if you are fishing from a boat. I bank fish the river and usually a nice current. I also try to use as small a sinker as possible, but I need the distance so I can't go too light.
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    Alan good post, i bet mallory taught u that :wink::smile2: