Use good gasoline storage management

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    Use good gasoline storage management. For many years, marinas have managed their tanks to minimize the effects of water contamination and deterioration. You should do the same with the tank in your boat. When storing your boat or gasoline container, make sure that the tank or container is either completely full or completely empty.

    Use a water-separating fuel filter. Where you want maximum protection, a water-separating fuel filter will provide the greatest level of protection from possible problems with water contamination. So when you replace your fuel filter, choose the water-separating type.

    Check hoses for deterioration at least once a year. Newer fuel systems are expected to be unaffected by oxygenated fuels. But some manufacturers are concerned that hoses in fuel systems produced before 1980 might be more prone to damage from alcohol-oxygenated fuels. Hoses that are susceptible to alcohol damage can become brittle or soft and, over time, deteriorate. EPA recommends that you follow the manufacturer's inspection requirements, with at least an annual inspection of hoses and other rubber components exposed to fuel. Components that appear deteriorated should be replaced.